There are over 7000 languages spoken around the world

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There are over 7000 languages spoken around the world


In its most elementary form, a language is simply a collection of dialects that are mutually intelligible. While there are 196 countries in the world, how many languages do we speak today?

Ethnologue which is considered to be the most trusted source of comprehensive listing of languages in the world, estimates that there are currently 7,117 languages spoken around the world.

However, the majority of the world's population speaks only about 10% of the languages. There are fewer than 1,000 speakers across countries of the rest of the languages.

The continent of Asia leads the other continents with 2,301 languages, followed closely by Africa with 2,138 languages while the Pacific and the Americas both have 1,300 and 1,064 languages, respectively.

In spite of its vast number of nations, Europe has only 286 languages.

Following is a list of the top ten countries that speak the most languages in the world:

Papua New Guinea – 840 languages

Indonesia – 710 languages

Nigeria – 524 languages

India – 453 languages

United States – 335 languages

Australia – 319 languages

China – 305 languages

Mexico – 292 languages

Cameroon – 275 languages

Brazil – 228 languages