What Is A 'Low-Carbon' Garden?

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What Is A 'Low-Carbon' Garden?

low Carbon garden

Creating a low-carbon garden involves choosing plants, inputs, and materials that will reduce your carbon footprint. 

Low-carbon gardens are full of life, sparkle with water, and are abundant with plants. It can reduce carbon emissions by acting as a carbon sink, actively battling climate change

How can you create your own low carbon garden?

Go for Native plants

Native plants are better adapted to the region's climate conditions, can resist pests and diseases, and also require less maintenance. As a result, you'll need fewer inputs that can harm the environment. 

Grow a hedge

Hedges not only sequester carbon, but they also provide nesting sites, foods and shelter to wildlife.

Make your own compost

Composting at home has multiple environmental benefits.

For a healthy compost, there should be a 50:50 mixture of materials that are rich in nitrogen, such as grass clippings and vegetable peels, and carbon, such as woody stems and paper towels.

Moreover, composting is a sustainable way to dispose of leftover food.


Plant a Tree

Carbon is absorbed by trees, stored in lignin-rich trunks, and locked away in the earth. You can offset your own carbon footprint as well as that of others by planting a tree.