Why Do Cricket Players Shout "Howzat"?

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Why Do Cricket Players Shout "Howzat"?


There are some great traditions associated with the game of cricket. Players can appeal in a variety of ways! Players call out "Howzat" often, sometimes loudly!

But have you ever wondered why cricketers Howzat? Is there even a meaning to it?

Whenever a batsman is dismissed, cricketers shout Howzat. Howzat is an abbreviation of "How's that,” in which a fielding player asks an umpire whether the batter is out or not.

As per Law 31 of the Laws of Cricket, an umpire can't rule a batter out unless the fielding side appeals.

In most cases, it refers to LBW, Run Outs, Stumpings, Bat Pads, and Caught behind the wickets.

Umpires are technically required to make a decision based on an appeal, but in practice, it is often obvious to all that a batter is out, and the batter may leave the field before the umpire makes his decision.