How Massive Is Apple CEO, Tim Cook’s Net Worth?

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How Massive Is Apple CEO, Tim Cook’s Net Worth?


The well-known American business tycoon Tim Cook is not only the CEO of Apple Inc. (since 1998) but is also known to have a massive wealth amassed through his investments and other businesses he is involved with.

Discover what adds to his massive net worth that makes him one of the wealthiest businessmen.

Tim Cook’s Journey with Apple

  • Took over as Senior VP for worldwide operations in Apple with $500,000 (INR 4,09,72,250) a year as his salary.
  • His emolument increased to US $900,000 (INR 7,37,50,050) a year after he became Apple’s CEO in 2011.

Net Worth

  • Became a billionaire in year 2020 when his net worth reached of US $1.5 billion (INR 1,22,91,67,50,000).
  • His current net worth as per Forbes is said to be US $1.8 billion (INR 1,47,50,01,00,000).
  • Owner of more than 3 million shares in Apple.
  • His base salary is US $3.4 million (INR 27,86,11,300), added to it annual bonuses- US $8 million (INR 65,55,56,000) and US $12 million (INR 98,33,10,000).

Investments and Earnings

  • His profit comes from his personal security expenditures paid for by Apple that amount to   US $500,000 (INR 4,09,72,250).
  • Mandated travel costs for personal and business travel amounts to around US $315,000 (INR 2,58,09,682.50) annually.
  • His grant that includes 10 annual increments awarded on a condition that Apple should out-perform 2/3 of the S&P 500. Tim Cook achieved all the milestones, he received his 9th grant 560,000 shares, in August 2020. Half of these were set aside for the purpose of covering estimated tax debit for August 2020 / price share.
  • He received a total of 280,000 shares post deduction that is worth US $126 million (INR 10, 32, 38, 73,000).