Is It Unhealthy To Take A Bath Right After Eating?

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Is It Unhealthy To Take A Bath Right After Eating?


We were taught by our ancestors to bathe before eating food as taking a shower after eating could hinder digestion.


Taking a bath or shower after a meal may cause stomach cramps and indigestion due to the way our bodies digest food.

According to medical science, if you take a shower after food, the blood circulation is diverted, causing an abrupt imbalance in the body's temperature, which slows digestion.

The body temperature is already slightly elevated after eating. As a result of the body directing more blood flow to the digestive organs after a satisfying meal, one may feel a gentle warmth in the body.

The hot water from a bath or shower increases your body's temperature and diverts blood away from your digestive system.

In addition, bathing on a full stomach can cause your heart rate to increase.

According to medical practitioners, one should wait for 1 hour before getting into the shower, post a meal. However, if time is a constraint, it is advisable to wait at least 20 to 30 minutes before taking a shower, regardless of the temperature.

According to Ayurveda, digestion occurs after meals due to the fire element in the body. If you take a bath immediately after eating, the energy originally intended for digestion now gets diverted to the skin in order to maintain body temperature.

Hence the ancient system of medicine recommends not bathing after a meal for at least two hours. Health problems can occur when the body's natural cycle is disrupted and things aren't done when they should be.

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