What Is Déjà Vu And Why Do We Get It

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What Is Déjà Vu And Why Do We Get It


Déjà vu a French word translates to “already seen,” an unshakable feeling where the person experiencing this phenomenon is overwhelmed by the sensation that they have done a certain thing earlier or experienced an event earlier or visited a place before.

However, it is a false sense of familiarity as per Neurologist Dr. Jean Khoury, MD:

 “Your brain creates a sensation as if you have lived a certain situation before, but you’re unable to retrieve it from your memory and cannot identify the actual situation.”

Why do we get it?

A scientific theory suggests it is due to glitches in brain; a brief electrical malfunction that may be similar to epileptic seizure but is cannot be actually dubbed so.

  • A mix-up in the brain in tracking current events and the part of brain that is responsible for recalling memories, when both are active.
  • False perception to what is happening currently and something that happened earlier or occurred in past.
  • The result of malfunction between short term and long-term memory storage, where short-term memories quickly make way to the long-term memory storage.
  • Regularly experiencing this brain dysfunction is a cause of concern.