Adding Ice To Your White Wine: Right Or Wrong?

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Adding Ice To Your White Wine: Right Or Wrong?

White Wine

I got shamed by a friend for putting ice in my white wine, but why should I stop doing it when the experts clearly agree that doing so is not a sin. So, when to chill the wine and how to do it the right way without raising some eyebrows?

Let’s learn it all from the wine experts.

Effect of adding ice to wine

  • It chills the wine
  • It dilutes the flavor and structure of the wine a notch
  • Good to do it on a hot summer day
  • The flavor eventually is muted down as the ice melts
  • When temperature control is not possible due to the climate, adding ice is the best option

When is it good to add ice to wine?

  • Having a pool side drink or outdoor party in summer time tends to warm up the wine. Here you can add an ice cube to your drink
  • The trend is fast catching up at the French Riviera and Caribbean
  • High quality wines like Veuve Clicquot and Moët & Chandon are made to be served on ice as they contain high sugar content
  • Low quality wines are easily accessible to many and when this happens it is better to dilute it by adding few ice cubes to make it taste better
  • If you are having Port wines as an aperitif then it is safe to be served over ice any day
  • Any hot day adding water and ice to your wine is acceptable to make it a refreshing drink

How to add ice to wine?

  • Hard ice cube straight from the refrigerator
  • Adding a frozen fruit like grape does the magic of cooling it off too
  • Ziploc a couple of ice cubes and then add the bag to the drink and take it out after 20 seconds
  • If you do not want add ice directly then place the bottle in saltwater ice bath for 10 minutes


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