Did you know that Extreme Ironing is an Actual Sport?

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Did you know that Extreme Ironing is an Actual Sport?


When we think about Ironing, we imagine a wrinkled shirt that needs to get ironed. But have you ever wondered Ironing could be a sport? If not, then you should know that it indeed is. Sounds interesting, right!

Extreme Ironing is an adventurous and chilling sport in which the sportsmen or the participants go on an adventure with their ironing boards. They travel along with the board to some extreme locations and iron the clothes there. The sport is a perfect combination of the adrenaline rush you get and the satisfaction of ironing a wrinkled piece of clothing.

The sport usually takes place in mountainsides, forests, on a canoe, on the top of statues, or while snowboarding. However, there has been a debate whether extreme Ironing is a sport or not. Extreme Ironing majorly earned popularity due to media coverage that mainly revolves around the said debate.

Besides the usual locations, people participated in this extreme sport during a race, while parachuting and under the frozen lake.

If we look back to the discovery of the sport, Extreme Ironing was invented in 1980 by Tom Hiam in England. Hiam was inspired by his brother-in-law who used to iron his clothes in a tent while camping. He took Ironing in odd places and situations in public. Another England resident named Phil Shaw is also credited to be the man behind extreme Ironing.

Shaw wanted to take a break from his hectic life and go rock climbing while he was worried about all the chores he had to do, including ironing his clothes. As a result, he combined both the activities together and made a sport out of it.

Today, extreme Ironing is played internationally, and many participants have made world records in the sport. In fact, the 1st Extreme Ironing World Championship was conducted in 2002, and many participated from around the globe.