The Evergreen Entrepreneur: Lachhman Das Mittal's Remarkable Journey

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The Evergreen Entrepreneur: Lachhman Das Mittal's Remarkable Journey


In the bustling landscape of Indian billionaires, where youth often dominates the narrative, Lachhman Das Mittal emerges as a beacon of timeless entrepreneurship. At the age of 93, he stands as India’s oldest billionaire, defying conventions and inspiring generations with his resilience and vision.

Chairman of the esteemed Sonalika Group, headquartered in Hoshiarpur, Punjab, Mittal has carved a legacy synonymous with innovation and integrity. His journey from a humble LIC agent to a titan in the automotive industry exemplifies the triumph of passion and perseverance.

Sonalika Group's crowning jewel, Sonalika Tractors, reigns as India’s foremost tractor export brand, boasting a global footprint spanning over 150 countries. With an astonishing annual sales figure of 1,51,160 tractors in FY23, Mittal’s brainchild continues to revolutionize agriculture with its cutting-edge technology.

What sets Mittal apart is not just his entrepreneurial acumen but also his profound commitment to family values. Despite being widowed, he has fostered a familial ethos within Sonalika Group, entrusting leadership roles to his sons while maintaining an active presence in the company’s affairs. His daughter, Usha Sangwan, follows in his footsteps, blazing trails as LIC’s first female Managing Director.

Education forms the cornerstone of Mittal’s journey, with a gold medal from Punjab University adorning his illustrious academic career. Armed with Bachelor’s and dual Master’s degrees in English and Urdu, his passion for learning mirrors his dedication to excellence in business.

Beyond accolades and wealth, Mittal’s true legacy lies in his unwavering commitment to serving India’s farming community. Sonalika Tractors, conceived from his deep-rooted belief in leveraging technology for societal advancement, stands as a testament to his ethos.

As Mittal continues to defy age and redefine success, his story serves as a timeless testament to the indomitable spirit of Indian entrepreneurship. In a landscape where age often dictates relevance, he proves that the pursuit of passion knows no bounds, inspiring a generation to embrace their dreams with unwavering tenacity.