The Most Unusual Records In The World Of Running

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The Most Unusual Records In The World Of Running

The Most Unusual Records In The World Of Running

The Most Unusual Records In The World Of Running

Ask anybody who runs marathon why they do it? Their reasons would change depending on the number of miles they cover. The feeling of accomplishment is something to be experienced personally rather than listening about it.

Going an extra mile in a literal sense gives pride in self achievement. Running helps in controlling anger. It is the best way to channelize energies. It improves general quality of living because once you complete a marathon yours becomes a goal oriented life. Moreover, anybody can set records and break records as well. This is solely an individual game. People around you will admire you for your passion. Here are some unusual records in the world of running:

  1. Running on a Treadmill

Can there be competition for running on a treadmill? You may think it is a boring activity to get excited about, but there are records that will get on you on it right now. The highest record for running on a treadmill was set by Daniel Barazini in September 2015. He ran 92.7 miles. If you think you can break this, do attempt this feat.

A log book should be maintained to record the number and durations of breaks taken at your discretion. The time after completion of each mile should be noted. Importantly, the venue of recording should be opened to public. To do not attempt this without knowing the how-to of it. This is strictly prohibited for people suffering with heart problems.

  1. Retro-running

You may have attempted weird and funny feats in your school playground. We all would have done it at least once, that is, walking or running backwards. This is a serious sport since the 19th century. The first ever record was made in 1883 in USA by C Metcalf. He ran 50 yards in less than 10 seconds. The recent record was made in July 2016 by an Australian Dwayne Fernandes a double leg amputee. He ran 200 meters in 38 minutes. That’s pretty incredible!

  1. Stair Climbing

The challenge is to climb stairs for 12 hours straight. The measure is the greatest height reached by climbing stairs. Someone seems to be very inspired by the song Stairway to Heaven. A German by name Christian Riedl entered the Guinness book for this feat. Entering the Guinness book makes one officially amazing!

  1. Vertical Run

Not just Spider man, but there are real people who walk and run vertically over skyscrapers. A Swedish adventurer by name Tony Berglund attempted and set a record of fastest vertical run in 34.76 seconds. It involves running 100 meters on the face of a skyscraper facing downwards. Of course with the help of ropes, not all of us can be bitten by spiders, right?

  1. Mountain Marathon

Over different places in the world that are blessed with beautiful mountain topography races are inducted over mountains. A pre training is conducted. It is as serious as any sport that is conducted at the Olympics. It takes strong mind and heart to attempt this owing to the high risk factor. At the Mountain Marathon Women’s race in 2015 Seward, Alaska, Eemlie Forsberg set a standard by finishing the marathon in 47 minutes. The previous record is 50 minutes. Look forward to this year’s event.

  1. Barefoot Running

Barefoot running is also called natural running. Running without protection adds to the heat of the act. It is one for a reality check. This is true test of endurance. Milind Soman (50) recently completed his difficult and long run of 1500 kms, barefoot. What’s more fascinating is that his 76-year-old mother joined him too, in a sari.

Mother and son both defying age and circumstances is a great inspiration to watch. If you feel the urge kicking in, don’t waste the instinct, just start running from wherever you are!

  1. Fastest Marathons

Marathons happen in every big city, sometimes for reasons more than fitness. It could be to support a cause as well. However, a race is a race. The world’s fastest runner in a marathon is from Kenya. His name is Dennis Kimelto. He finished his race in 2 hours 2 minutes. The fastest woman is Paula Radcliffe from London. Her record is 2 hours 15 minutes.

There’s no need to register in any competition, you can take this up right from tomorrow. Set your own goals, decide what hurdles you want to chase, with shoes or without shoes. This is for self enhancement and totally non-violent. Get, Set and Run.