The Role of Analytics on Sports Pitch

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The Role of Analytics on Sports Pitch

The Role of Analytics on Sports Pitch

The Role of Analytics on Sports Pitch

Sports over the years has changed by leaps and bounds. It has become far more competitive, and the overall scenario is far more intense. In order to stay ahead of the competitors, every sports team is resorting to the use of analytics.

Along with the pressure of competition, it is also to cater to the needs of the fan base providing them with detailed information about players, their performance and the reason for their loss and victory.

So, with sports analytics, the complete data is gathered from a player or a team performance under different circumstances, and it is analysed for better performance and decision making. Though the concept is not a new one, it is the method of data collection and management that is changing significantly.

Read on to know about the role of analytics on the sports pitch

On Pitch: When players are out on the pitch and playing a game, a wearable device is attached to their jersey or on the body. It is through this device that data like heart rate, acceleration and speed of the player is collected. This collected data is then analysed to decipher a player is fit for the next match or should join the upcoming games.

While such data analysis helps them form the best team, it also helps the players as they get to know when their body needs rest. It goes a long way in averting the risk of an injury. For instance, the famous basketball league, the NBA is a perfect example of using sports analytics.

Almost every team of the NBA has data analysts working as a full-time staff who are working with coaches and front office staff to improvise the on-court strategies and practise habits. They also provide information like what moves, and shots are best for which player.

A similar model is getting replicated in leading football clubs. It is working as a great means of deriving at the best game strategy.

Off Pitch: As every sport is different, not all kinds of analytics fit in them. But when it comes to predicting the future of the game, predictive analytics is the analytics methodology which is being used today by sports analytics crew.

Predictive analytics is ushering a complete change in the sports betting industry as well. It is helping the betting businesses in finding new opportunities and providing them with insights to run their business in an efficient manner. They also analyse the player data collection and help clients bet for the right team or player.

Today, many mobile applications are coming up with virtual games with real player characters with their actual stats. Moreover, some applications let you choose and create your own team by showing you the player stats and arranges virtual tournaments on mobile applications with some rewards for the winners.

Due to data analytics and predictive data analytics in particular, the sport fans get to bet on the right and stronger team in the real games and also on virtual platforms.

Sports analytics is an established industry today. This new age algorithm, a data-based science is getting used across sports. Its use is getting common in the field of cricket, football and basketball. Hence, it is changing the game on and off the pitch. Even the fan base looks up to it for analysing about their favourite team and player. As times are changing, games are also evolving for the better with a more entertaining curve.