Ageing better with smarter technology

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Ageing better with smarter technology

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While the pandemic has forced many in the confines of their homes, but then the worst hit are the elderly who are devoid of any human contact and without any contact in the real world.

The other thing like health care, medical services and care for the elderly is something that is becoming hard with times like these. So, what is it that can bring a drastic change in the life of elderly, how can ageing be better with smarter technology?

Let us discover how.

Big data and artificial intelligence (AI)

With the amalgamation of these two technological advanced tools, it is possible now to usher in personalized medicine, treatments that are tailor made for individual, and all this brings us to revolutionize the health care system.

It brings together all the aspects including information on the lifestyle of the individual, biological aspect and clinical aspect all these help in creating a unique blueprint of the individual or the patient. It becomes easier to begin with target therapies for achieving the best outcome whether it is about prevention or to manage the disease.

Early detection of disease becomes significantly easier that provides the medical practitioner with the power to easily diagnose and provide accurate treatment for the same. Life threatening diseases then can be handled in a better manner like the onset of cancer and Alzheimer’s.

Smart Home

All devices connected and everything is working with sensors in the home that is what IoT or internet of things is all about. Through numerous innovations, it is possible that the house you live in becomes a smart home with potential to connect and support ageing people.

Monitoring the home of the elderly, providing timely medical supplies and help, smart heating devices or temperature control and other such things makes it easier for the ageing people to lead a comfortable life.

Dealing with social isolation

Helping the aged people deal with the isolation is yet another factor that is essential to be considered as they are more at risk than the rest of the population.

The time elderly people were active socially that was pre-pandemic time their longevity was positively impacted. They felt healthier and happier that kept them from falling ill frequently, but with the onset of pandemic things changed dramatically.

Digital technology is providing a breakthrough in relation to wellbeing for the elderly. Connecting people with elderly population and running their errands, maintaining contact with them and taking on tasks for them, checking upon them is all made possible. Facilitating real-time interactions helps in reducing social isolation.

Technology is successfully addressing and is capable of being a digital replacement to the real-life interaction as well as human care.

Using AI with human values, data related to each elderly fed into the system used for analysis, medical health care and other services available through smart devices is where technology is making a viable impact.