Most Searched People in India in 2022, on Google

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Most Searched People in India in 2022, on Google

Photo by E. Diop on Unsplash

In its 2022 search trends report, Google revealed the most popular queries among actors, athletes, movies, and people. Globally, Johnny Depp ranked highest in terms of internet searches in 2022, but in India, it was a completely different story.

Let us find out who made it to the list of most searched people in India in the year 2022.

Rishi Sunak

In the year 2022, Rishi Sunak made the headlines for being elected as the first non-white Prime minister of UK. He is the most popular and tops the list of most searched people in India.

The most exciting part is that he is of Indian origin and follows Hinduism as a part of his cultural heritage; additionally he is most likeable figure in UK due to his economic policies. Married to Akashata Murthy the pair is said to be richer than the Queen herself.

Droupadi Murmu

The first person ever from Tribal community to become the President of India, the BJP candidate is most respected lady in the whole of India. Belonging to Odisha she is the first of her kind to reach the power position.

Lalit Modi

Perhaps his relationship with the former beauty queen Sushmita Sen is the reason why he was in the limelight in the year 2022. A fugitive businessman (who is said to be the founder of IPL T-20 Cricket), under the scanner for his money laundering and discrepancies with BCCI, led him to take refuge underground, but soon he got highlighted again due to his relationship with the Bollywood actress.

Sushmita Sen

Former Miss Universe and Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen came to highlight in the year 2022 and became one of the most searched celebrity. For two reasons she became the most searched celebrity, first due to her relationship with Lalit Modi and second due to her acting skills in one of the most popular OTT series called Aarya.  

Anjali Arora

One of the most popular influencer who appeared in Kacha Badam video that highlighted her; then her appearance in the reality show called Lock Upp hosted by Kanagana Ranaut made her popular over the internet, however, she became viral due to her obscene video that she denies till date.

Abdu Rozik

Due to his child like features that is a result of growth hormone deficiency, his appearance in Big Boss made him viral.

His behavior and his remarks are what attracted the public the most after his appearance. He is a blogger, boxer and a singer by profession, at the age of 19 he is the youngest in Big Boss that too makes him one of the popular and most searched figures in the year 2022.

Pravin Tambe

The leg spinner made it to the list due to his debutant at IPL for being the oldest ever at the age of 41. Played for Rajasthan Royals for 2013 season devoid of prior professional experience, he was made popular with the launch of his biopic (2022) on Disney+ called ‘Kaun Pravin Tambe?’ starring Shreyas Talpade.

Amber Heard

Majority of us are aware of her status that is made popular due to her much publicized Trial of the Century, her remarks, her court room drama and her accusations on one of the most loved actors and her then husband Johnny Depp. Eventually she was found guilty of defaming him and had to pay a sum of $10 million in damages.