Targeted Ransomware: New Challenges For Cybersecurity

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Targeted Ransomware: New Challenges For Cybersecurity


In the ever-shifting digital world, one menace that continually threatens individuals and organizations alike is ransomware. 

This stealthy cyber menace has long tormented cybersecurity experts, yet it refuses to remain stagnant. 

Instead, ransomware constantly reinvents itself, adapting to new technologies and tactics, thus perpetually emerging as a formidable cybersecurity concern.

 The Surge of Ransomware

Over the past few years, ransomware has grown significantly, partly due to the broad acceptance of Bitcoin and other digital currencies. These cryptocurrencies provide an attractive option for criminals, allowing them to demand and collect ransoms while preserving their anonymity.

The simplicity and anonymity offered by digital currencies have effectively turned this threat into a highly profitable enterprise.

For instance, the Conti malware group attacked several Costa Rican government buildings in April 2022. In response, the government shut down their systems, leading to payment delays and halted trade.

Former president Carlos Alvarado refused to pay the requested $10 million ransom. Consequently, the ransomware group released almost all of the 672 GB of stolen information.

 The Double-Edged Extortion Ploy

Recent ransomware iterations have introduced a malicious twist: double extortion. In this approach, cybercriminals not only encrypt victims' data but also extract sensitive information before locking it away. They then threaten to disclose this stolen data unless a ransom is paid, intensifying the pressure on the targeted parties to comply.

For example, the REvil syndicate, notorious purveyors of double extortion tactics, targeted the global law firm Grubman Shire Meiselas & Sacks in 2020. They demanded a substantial ransom in exchange for decrypting the stolen data. When the firm refused to comply, they began releasing confidential client data.

 Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS)

Ransomware has evolved into a lucrative industry in itself; dangerous individuals are rampantly peddling Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) in hidden sections of the internet. 

This means that even individuals with only basic technical proficiency can launch ransomware attacks, further broadening the threat range.

 The Art of Advanced Encryption

As cybersecurity measures have strengthened, ransomware developers have responded with increasingly intricate encryption techniques. Some ransomware strains now employ military-grade encryption algorithms, making data retrieval an exceptionally challenging task.

For instance, Ryuk ransomware uses AES-256 encryption, an encryption standard that presents nearly insurmountable barriers to decryption without the requisite key. This level of encryption ensures that victims face a Herculean task when trying to reclaim their data.




Ransomware stands out as a severe and ceaselessly evolving cybersecurity challenge. As cybercriminals adapt and innovate with new strategies, individuals and organizations must remain vigilant, placing cybersecurity measures in a paramount position.

Implementing robust backup strategies, consistently updating software, and sharing knowledge about potential threats are vital steps in defending against the endless wave of ransomware incursions.

The battle against ransomware is relentless, but with awareness and proactive measures, it's a battle that can indeed be won.