Where is the Floating Flower Garden? Why is it popular?

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Where is the Floating Flower Garden? Why is it popular?

Floating Garden

When thinking about traveling, many people move towards Japan to enjoy the serenity of the country. Away from the hustle of city life, Japan now has a whole new visiting place that is completely around nature.

The new Floating Flower Garden of Japan has moved many nature enthusiasts to visit the garden. For those who have Japan on their visiting list, you have new reasons to make a quick trip to the country. The Tokyo-based ultra-technologists teamLab has brought you the world-renowned collective of LEDs, projections, and soundscapes.

Japan's new Floating Flower Garden was launched over the summer. However, it is not like any other natural garden. Made up of 13,000 live orchid flowers, it is a collision of technology and art. Once you enter the garden, you get a fascinating and mind-blowing experience, taking you mentally to another world of nature.

The orchids suspend from the ceiling and grow along invisible wires, making them look like they are floating. With the theme "Floating Flower Garden; Flowers and I are of the Same Root, the Garden and I are One," teamLab has spread their magic.

As you approach the orchid curtain, the magic begins to work. The flowers triggered by sensors slowly start to rise, giving you a sense of entering a whole new space. The technologists have created the space with real orchids, which work with the technology behind it. Once the flowers float up, the visitors can move around in the installation and explore the place.

However, as the flowers move slowly, the visitors have to keep up with their speed while wandering in the Floating Flower Garden. 

Besides, the living orchids can live without soil and are available in many colors and types. The mirrored floors reflect the image of the orchids, giving you a sense they surround you. No doubt Japan's Floating Flower Garden is gaining popularity globally.  

Image Credit: https://www.teamlab.art/w/ffgarden/