5 Best Trips You Should Take in 2019 for the Body and Soul

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5 Best Trips You Should Take in 2019 for the Body and Soul

5 Best Trips You Should Take in 2019 for the Body and Soul

5 Best Trips You Should Take in 2019 for the Body and Soul

Tours are always exciting, right? They give you a soothing fresh air; revitalize your body and soul and energize you to go back again to your hectic schedule. You may often go on business trips or go on family holidays. But, those trips are also a bit hectic. You visit the famous places over there; need to buy tickets for several museums or theatres and it is like you are always on the go.

If you are looking for mental peace and solace, then you can go for a trip that can give you the benefits of meditation and fill you with spiritualism. Yes, there are certain places around the world which can bring the revitalizing effect on your body and soul. Here are 5 of such places that you can think of for your next vacation.

1. Sedona in Arizona

Whenever you think of Arizona, you get the visual of mesmerizing places. But, Sedona is something unique in itself. Sedona is one of the most amazing places in Arizona which is perfect for travelers who want to spend leisure or become active throughout their trip. It is the beauty of the land, the culture and the tradition of the place that give you a sense of spiritualism that rejuvenates your mind, body, and soul.

2. Bali in Indonesia

Do you want to visit a place that is perfect for the senses and the soul? Visit Bali and you will understand why. This place has something magical in its nature that you feel serene whenever you visit here. For meditation and yoga, Bali is the perfect destination. Start your days with the sun, do yoga and meditate and fill yourself with the positive energy of nature. Don’t forget to visit the Bat Cave Temple which is said to be the dwelling place of the mythical giant snake, Naga Vasuki.

3. Palm Springs in California

California is known as one of the busiest cities around the world. Can it give you the peace you are looking for? The answer is always positive as you can visit Palm Spring anytime during the year. Don’t assume that this place is the celebrity destination, as you can also enjoy a luxurious vacay over here. If you are a foodie, you are in the right place as you will get too many options. Besides, the salon, the spa, stylish boutique hotels are welcoming enough to allure you.

4. The Sinai Desert in Egypt

If you are a person who is in love with solitude, then you will definitely arrange a vacation to Sinai Dessert which can embark on an amazing retreat within serenity and solace. From the ancient age, there are saints who have endorsed the place with their footsteps. And once you are here, you can feel that spiritualism in the sand dunes, caves and the expansion of the desert. Spend a night in the desert, watch the change of nature with the day proceeding towards night and get amazed by the vastness of the constellation above your head. You will feel how small your regular life’s problems in front of this vast entity.

5. Costa Rica

Finally, we could not find any better place to end the list of places you can visit in search of mental and physical peace. The lush green rainforest with the azure Blue Ocean and amazing beaches can set the perfect mood for a relaxing holiday. Besides, there are lots of wellness centers, like yoga center, spa, salon and meditation centers where you can shed all your tiredness.

So, these are top 5 trips you can make for the peace of your body and soul this year. 2019 has just started and there is enough time to plan your trip. Book early so that you can avoid the crowd.