56 Days, 12,000 Kilometers, 22 Countries: The Road Trip Of A Lifetime In A Luxury Bus!

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56 Days, 12,000 Kilometers, 22 Countries: The Road Trip Of A Lifetime In A Luxury Bus!

Luxury Bus

Embarking on what promises to be the ultimate adventure, Adventures Overland has unveiled plans for the world's most extraordinary bus journey.

Aptly named the 'Bus to London,' this groundbreaking hop-on/hop-off bus service will connect Istanbul, Turkey’s bustling capital, to the iconic city of London in the United Kingdom.

This unprecedented expedition spans an awe-inspiring 12,000 kilometers across 22 countries, unfolding over 56 days. Travelers will be transported in a specially designed luxury bus, ensuring a comfortable and memorable journey.

The diverse itinerary will take participants through enchanting landscapes, traversing countries such as Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Norway, Nord Kapp, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Sweden, Denmark, and finally, the United Kingdom.

Booking for this extraordinary expedition has commenced, with the organizers setting a strict limit of 25 seats. Priority will be given to those who opt for the entire journey. The mode of travel includes a custom-designed luxury bus, ensuring unparalleled comfort throughout the adventure.

Key details of the journey include a cost of INR 20 lakhs per person, with specific countries to be covered each week. Vegetarian food options, including locally sourced limited choices and ready-to-eat meals, will be available on the tour.

The tour bus features include:

•    Adjustable recliner seats providing generous legroom.
•    Wider aisle with a 2x1 seat configuration layout.
•    Personal entertainment systems equipped with AUX and USB ports.
•    Convenient foldable trays for working on laptops or enjoying snacks.
•    Charging points for mobile phones through both plugs and USB ports.
•    Every seat equipped with a bottle and cup holder.
•    Sufficient storage space for individual belongings, including laptop bags, handbags, and snacks.
•    Adequate room to accommodate two full-size suitcases for each passenger.
•    Emergency lavatory available for unforeseen circumstances.
•    Safety features include a first-aid kit, fire extinguisher, and multiple emergency exit points.
•    Integrated microphone and audio system for communication.

The package includes hotel stays on a twin-sharing basis, visas with standard fees, border crossing assistance, and the expertise of an English-speaking guide. 

Excluded from the package are international/domestic flight tickets, urgent tourist visas, and expenses for non-included meals and drinks. Organizers do not cover medical expenses during the journey. 

This unprecedented Bus to London journey promises to be an unparalleled experience for those seeking the thrill of a lifetime on the open road.