Naxos Island, Greece Travel Guide and 6 Best Things To Do There

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Naxos Island, Greece Travel Guide and 6 Best Things To Do There

Nazos Greece

Situated in the center of the Cycladic islands, Naxos Island is a hidden treasure awaiting discovery amid blue waters.

As a top tourist destination in the country, its pristine beaches and rich culture make it an attractive place to visit for those interested in learning more about Greek history. This travel guide takes a closer look at the bewitching charm of Naxos and explores the six best things to do on this enticing island.

Explore the Historic Portara:

The first thing that strikes you as you approach Naxos by sea is the majestic contour of Portara—an enormous marble arch on top of Palatia island. This ruin is thought to be the incomplete prytaneum of a temple where Apollo was the deity.

As the sun sets, Portara transforms into an enchanting spectacle, with nightfall casting a dusky hue on aged stones that provide perfect photo opportunities.

Discover the Old Town of Naxos:

Take a walk back in time as you meander through the maze-like lanes of Naxos Town, or Chora. The medieval Old Town is a labyrinth of narrow alleys and relics of architecture that reveal the island’s past.

Explore the Venetian Castle, enter the Archaeological Museum, and get lost in a world of Greek traditional architecture decorated with beautiful bougainvillea.

Relax on Agios Prokopios Beach

Agios Prokopios is one of the best beaches in Europe, where you can enjoy a piece of heaven on earth with its fine golden sand and clear waters. This beach is perfect for those passionate about water sports and those who simply want a peaceful break. Swim, go windsurfing, or have a seaside picnic—Agios Prokopios is heaven for those seeking the sun.

Hike Mount Zeus for Panoramic Views

For the adventurous, a hike to the top of Mount Zeus is an absolute requirement. It is the tallest summit in the Cyclades, standing at 1,004 meters. The trail leads through lush fields, old ruins, and provides a bird’s eye view of the neighboring islands. The feeling of triumph at the summit is surpassed only by the majestic surroundings.

Savor Naxian Cuisine in Apiranthos

Apiranthos, a picturesque mountain town with streets paved in marble, not only looks beautiful but is also a culinary haven. Enjoy the local cheese, honey, and seafood specialties of Naxian cuisine. The tavernas that line the square in this village provide an exciting culinary experience, as native recipes are passed from generation to generation.

Visit the Temple of Demeter

It is essential to visit the Temple of Demeter at Naxos if you want a clear idea of its ancient religious history. The Tragea Valley is a fertile valley where this well-preserved temple dedicated to the goddess of agriculture sits. Amidst olive groves and vineyards, the site is quiet, attracting both history enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Naxos invites travelers to immerse themselves in the history, beautiful landscapes, and warm charisma that permeates this island.

It elegantly combines visits to ancient ruins with idyllic beaches—an opportunity for admirers of all walks of life. On your way to this Aegean idyll, be ready to experience the unifying balance between conventionality and natural splendor that Naxos offers.