Want To Pay For Economy Class And Travel Luxury? Your Wish Granted!

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Want To Pay For Economy Class And Travel Luxury? Your Wish Granted!

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We all crave for the luxury of the first class or business-class travel, yet not all of us are privileged enough to be able to fly luxury.

But what if it is no longer a dream that is out of reach? A few international airlines are offering best of travel experience to their economy passengers that would give them the luxury of having elevated travel experience with flat- lie seats and maybe a bit more.

Let’s find out all about international airlines offering most luxurious economy seats.

Japan Airlines- Boeing 787

  • Flying to 10 U.S. cities, Japan Airlines is now offering widest seats and roomiest distance between passenger seat rows.
  • The seats are comfortable and the economy passengers enjoy the luxury of first class with good food, high-class beverage and even additional in-flight items like Soba Noodles, Sake, Ume-Shu (plum wine) and even snacks on-asking.
  • The service for economy is as good as luxury class that is ensured by Japanese Airlines.
  • Boeing 787 offers best in-class experience to its passengers with auto-dimming windows, lower cabins that helps avoid jet lag and narrower seats.
  • The configuration is 2-4-2 as opposed to 3-3-3 ratio that provides ample space for an individual passenger’s shoulder and hips giving them a comfortable in-flight experience.

Singapore Airlines

  • With nonstop flights to 6 U.S. cities, passengers have the luxury of first class while traveling in economy class like hot towel, amenity kit that includes: eye shades, toothpaste, toothbrush and even socks.
  • Passengers are allowed to order premixed cocktails along with meals, beverages include: Singapore Sling, made with dry gin, DOM Benedictine, Cointreau, Cherry Brandy, Angosture Bitters, Grenadine, Lime & Pineapple juice.


  • Economy passengers get to enjoy business class treatment with amenity kit that includes: pajamas, slippers, eye mask that are all available at their seats.
  • Legroom is better than that of industry norm, seatback screen is larger compared to other airlines that is 12 inches.
  • Cutlery is metal and food & beverages are high-class with good in-flight services.
  • The flight goes from 6 U.S. destinations nonstop to Taipei.

Qatar Airways

  • Flies from Doha to 12 U.S. destinations nonstop provides business seats or Qsuites for its passengers.
  • Physical menu card is offered to individual passenger with three meal options. Other luxury amenities on offer include: a fleece-lined blanket and pillow.
  • Passengers get to choose from Institut Karite Paris lip balm, socks, and an eye mask.
  • Unlimited snacks are made available to the passengers throughout the flight.


  • Flies from 12 cities in the U.S. with nonstop flights to Dubai.
  • Offering its passengers with widest ever economy seats that measure 18-inches wide in its double-decker Airbus A380.
  • Reusable amenity kits are available to the passengers that includes: bookmarks, toothbrush, sleep mask and socks.
  • Seatback screen can never be boring with Emirates that offers 5000 channels to entertain their passengers.
  • Economy passengers are also allowed to pre-order a chocolate cake with a bottle of Moët (paid) for celebrating a special occasion in-flight.


  • Serving 8 U.S. cities to Japan, passengers aboard get to experience spacious seat with roomie pitch up to 34 inches.
  • High-end wines including Sake are available to economy passengers with primary cuisine like Grilled Red Rockfish Teriyaki or simmering Udon Noodles, but these are charged nominally.
  • Those departing from Japan are offered the option to preorder a gourmet meal similar to the business class food.
  • Passengers flying Tokyo-Honolulu aboard Airbus A380 are given the option to combine 3-4 seats to make it one single couch, now that’s some luxury that one requires in-flight for sure.

Turkish Airlines

  • Flies nonstop from 12 U.S. cities to Istanbul with best in-class catering services to its economy passengers.
  • Virgin Olive Oil garnishing on salads with lemon dressing.
  • Food options include Hummus or Baba Ghanoush, Cheese Pies in breakfast, and Turkish Cheese & Dried Apricot Mousse too are included in its meals aboard.