You can now book to stay at the official Hobbiton from ‘The Lord of the Rings’ through Airbnb

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You can now book to stay at the official Hobbiton from ‘The Lord of the Rings’ through Airbnb


Majority of us have a dream to live in an idyllic location that would mimic the movie house we covet, here comes the biggest surprise with the real stay at Hobitton from The Lord of the Rings.

Most unexpected stay set via Airbnb, all this is made possible on the 10th anniversary of the movie The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

The Hobbit director Peter Jackson built the set on New Zealand’s Buckland Road and featured it in both the film trilogies, a perfectly built Hobbit town that provides boarding and lodging facility while giving the ultimate feel of living in a Hobbit house. Visitors can witness the behind the scenes making too and experience the life too.

How to stay at the Hobitton?

For the fans of Middle Earth, Airbnb offers the perfect stay; here is how it is possible:

Location: New Zealand’s dreamy Waikato region on a 10 km sq.

Owner: Farm owned by the family of Russell Alexander

Creator: Creative director Brian Massey

Number of rooms: 44 Hobbit holes

The guests will have access to The Millhouse, The Green Dragon Inn and the other revered locations.

Fans of Hobbit have always enjoyed getting a walk-in experience on the movie set from world over and looking at its popularity the team decided to build a real lodging facility, this is where the Hobbiton came into existence.

The Hobbit set stay

The dreamy location with the access to The Millhouse, visitors will enjoy their stay at their personal rabbit hole for a relaxing time and afternoon tea reminding them of the perfect experience ripped from the pages of Tolkien.

It is a two bedroom having one queen-sized bed and the other has two king-sized singles. However, to stay there you will need to follow the house rules too, let us have a look at these:

House rules

Airbnb is all about giving you a house like experience but not without house rules that too should be followed by the guests:

  • Guests are not allowed to have gatherings or parties that are not informed about in advance. The party that can take place will be most likely with Gandalf and company.
  • Barefoot is allowed but maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene is essential.
  • Magical rings are available for purchase and the guests require keeping these safe and maintaining the secret of owning one.
  • Maintain the safety of your rings.
  • The Green Dragon Inn is a place provided to the guests to facilitate parking their pony.
  • Wandering away at night further than the property is prohibited due to the dangers posed by the trolls.
  • Pets are strictly not allowed.
  • Pickles is the only pet (cat) allowed as it is the resident Hobbiton cat.
  • Do not laugh at the dragons; this is one essential rule for staying at the location.

Booking a stay

Bookings and stays are available between 2-4 March, 9-11 March and 16-18 March 2023. Guests interested in booking their stay are advised to make a booking in advance by December 13 2022 at

  • Having a verified Airbnb profile will qualify you to make a booking.
  • A positive history of reviews on your profile will help you bag the place.
  • The guest should not be less than 18 years of age.
  • Maximum number of people allowed to stay is within the limit of four people at a time.
  • Guests will need to arrange their own transportation toward the location of Auckland.
  • Two hours car journey to and from the airport site is provided within the package.