Understanding The Magnificent Predators: The Great White vs The Bull Shark

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Understanding The Magnificent Predators: The Great White vs The Bull Shark

Great White Shark

The world is home to over 400 species of shark. Among the most fearsome fish on earth are Great Whites and Bull Sharks.  But have you ever wondered what distinguishes Bull Sharks from Great White Sharks? And, which one is more dangerous between the two ocean creatures?

You can find answers to these and other questions as you read along. 

Bull Sharks vs Great White Sharks

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  1. A bull shark's upper body is grey or brown. Great white sharks have a dark gray, blue, or even black upper body. Underbellies of both sharks are light colored.
  2. Bull sharks are shorter than great white sharks in terms of length. Female bull sharks can measure up to 11 feet long, while male bull sharks are usually about seven feet long. In comparison, male great white shark can grow up to 13 feet long, whereas females can grow up to 20 feet long.
  3. The great white shark has a slender, streamlined snout. Alternatively, the snout of a bull shark is rounded.
  4. Great white sharks are by far the most formidable and powerful animals on earth with a more devastating bite. In comparison to its large relative, a bull shark is by far more likely to finish the job when attacking a human, has the ability to swim in freshwater, and is more aggressive.
  5. Bull Sharks cruise in shallow waters, but spend much of their time in freshwaters, which is why they are known as 'freshwater whalers’. The Great Whites can be found in shallow seas and oceans. They are commonly found along the coasts of California, South Africa and Australia as well as in tropical and cold temperate waters.
  6. The Great White eats dead creatures that they track down drifting in the water; bull sharks don't. Bull sharks are glad to benefit from a wide scope of prey, from molluscs and scavengers to dolphins and different sharks, while great whites favor rays and other big sea mammals.

All being said, Great White Sharks and Bull Sharks are magnificent creatures. They are each ferocious hunters, excessive voyagers and an indispensable part of the ecosystem.