Lanzarote: The Hidden Idyll in Europe

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Lanzarote: The Hidden Idyll in Europe



While planning a trip to Europe, many people only plan on visiting the usual tourist places, which mainly include Paris, Amsterdam, Prague, Istanbul, Venice, and so on. Indeed, these places are breathtaking and some of the best places to travel in Europe, but you are missing one of the less explored gems of the continent- the charming Lanzarote. 

The Spanish Island of Lanzarote is popularly known as the hidden Idyll in Europe. Located in the northern and easternmost part of the Canary Islands, this beautiful island has started to attract millions of tourists every year. Lanzarote, the island mounted on volcanic land, has some of the most beautiful and precious views to offer. 

Famous for its golden-orange skies during the sunsets, Lanzarote has the best sceneries for visitors to enjoy. This hidden gem in the Canary Islands is also home to rolling mountains, stark, amazing beaches.

The golden and white sand resembles the Martian land. Rich in fauna and flora, and biodiversity, Lanzarote is popular for its lush palm groves and Malvasia Grapevines. In fact, due to the richness of flora and fauna in this little island, Lanzarote is known to be the first destination in the world to have received the Biosphere Responsible Tourism certificate.

In addition to the fantastic scenery, this biosphere island consists of lively resorts for tourists. It is neighbored by little villages. However, the best feature or gift that Lanzarote will provide its visitors is calm, peace, and silence.

The large eye-catching bungalows by the coast of the Atlantic Ocean in Lanzarote add to the scenic beauty of this island. Other than that, the rural houses, boutique hotels, and villas are the charm of this place. 

This hidden idyll of Europe offers unbeatable conditions. Lanzarote has been known to provide the best quality services, and the infrastructures certainly are a sight to the human eye. Apart from being tagged as one of the best vacation spots for the summers and autumn season, Lanzarote has many professionals and amateurs of all kinds of sports who have found this island best for training purposes.

Focused on sustainable development, Lanzarote has harmonized surroundings, resulting from the talent and tireless work of Cesar Manrique, the renowned universal artist. His work has made the island a spot where art, nature, and tourism combined. 

The life in Lanzarote has emerged from volcanic earth, which surprisingly has produced the famous wines that this hidden gem of Europe is known for. Talking about the volcanic base of Lanzarote, its aesthetic volcanic landscape is indeed enigmatic, mysterious, and inspiring at the same time. It reminds you of the power and wrath of nature. 

If you get excited about geography, you must visit the Timanfaya National Park while in Lanzarote. The place will fill you up with all the answers, as it is the point where the volcanism expression of the island is maximum.

Other than the National Park, you can feed your curiosity about nature and its volcanic wonders by paying a visit to The Montañas del Fuego. Better known as the Mountains of Fire, the Montañas del Fuego will leave you awestruck with its colorful horizon, surrounded and covered by the lava fields, volcanic cones, and whimsical rocks. 

The entire place looks like a color palette, specially chosen by nature itself, overpowered by the reds and oranges, mixed with ochres, greys, and black colors. 

Taking full advantage of your presence in the land of the volcano, go on a camel ride and enjoy the striking landscape with the striking sound of crunching fragments of lava. The Mars resembling place Lanzarote has volcanic masses everywhere you see, but it has managed to be a non-arid land. Lanzarote is surprisingly home to lush greenery and a rich biosphere. 

Visiting Lanzarote will also give an opportunity to explore and fascinate the underground world created by volcanic eruptions. Spots such as Los Jameos del Agua and the Cueva de Los Verdes are the best examples that help you discover some of the fascinating secrets from the entrails of the earth.

Every single thing is unique on this island. When it comes to food, you will again be amazed. If you go to the El Diablo Restaurant in Timanfaya, you will serve the food cooked with earth’s heat. Yes, you read that right. There is no conventional way of cooking in this restaurant, as the cook makes the best use of the extreme temperature, which makes the heat rise to the surface in the form of geysers.

We have saved the best Lanzarote feature for the last. Whenever you visit Lanzarote, do not forget this article and the mention of L Geria. Indeed the entire island is blessed with natural beauty and landscapes no matter how far your eyes go, but La Geria is one of the best and biggest surprised of Lanzarote.

Lanzarote is known for its many different varieties of white, rosé and red wines, and especially those made from the volcanic Malvasía grape, which has an exceptional balance and quality that makes it stand out among its peers in terms of taste as well as popularity with wine lovers everywhere!

The island is certainly a surprise in itself. Its beautiful scenic landscapes with fascinating unrealistic features, which are as real as our existence, make it worth the trip. You will crave to visit more once you get a taste of Lanzarote.