10 Most Expensive Chocolates In The World

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10 Most Expensive Chocolates In The World

Chocolates are perhaps the most savored delicacies in the world over. Almost everyone, irrespective of their age, love to eat these mouth-watering treat. While chocolates are commonplace across the globe, so are the numerous brands that dabble in the art of chocolate-making, bringing this tempting dessert to our worlds.

However, while many chocolates come cheap, there are many others that you have to pay through your nose for if you want a bite! Let’s check out the 10 most expensive, luxurious chocolaty delights in the world!

Pierre Marcolini

Cost: $102.50 per pound

With much of its success rooted in its strong European origin and patronage, Pierre Marcolini is among those chocolatiers that have made a mark in the Americas as well. From appearing in the coveted Oprah Show to a distinctively broad and innovative product line, this Belgian gourmet chocolatier brings its own unique flavor and designs of chocolates prepared from the finest cocoa beans sourced from Indonesia, Venezuela, Mexico, Ecuador and Madagascar and flavored with fresh vanilla.

Each variety of chocolate from this brand bespeaks of a meticulously controlled bean-to-bar preparation process, ensuring subtle distinctions that make it a top contender in the list of luxury chocolates.


Cost: $120 per pound

An original of Lyon, France, Richart chocolate started operations in 1925 and since opened over a dozen chocolate boutiques across US, Europe and even Tokyo. Known for its rich dark chocolates, Richart produces its chocolates from beans that are sourced from Madagascar, Haiti and Venezuela and bring a range of flavors – from floral to fruity, citrus, herbal and spiced ones, too.

Among the special flavors that are a chocolate aficionado’s delight are its special occasion assortments that come with small chocolates (petit), each hidden beneath a chocolate plaque with an inscribed message! Another famed variety of the Richart product line is Envol ballotin that includes around 49 cubes of dark temptations, complete with a hand-crafted cocoa butter design.

The Aficionado`s Collection

 Cost: $275 per box

 If you are a chain smoker and a chocolate addict too, then this chocolate from the Swizz chocolatier, House of Grauer, is worth a spend. Wrapped in cigar leaves, these chocolates carry the rich, smoky cigar aroma minus the ill-effects of nicotine. This chocolate is a rare combination of the best beans like Hawaiian Kona Coffee Bean and best-in-class ingredients like Japanese Matcha Tea, Turkish Star Anise and French Organic Bee Pollen, wrapped in cigar leaves, that leaves a sensuous feel for the smoker. What’s more, you can enjoy this chocolate in up to 14 different flavours including milk chocolate, roasted nuts and even hazelnut.


 Cost: $508 per pound

 This irresistible Swiss chocolate is worth every pound you spend on it. If you like your chocolate with some glittering gold, this art of gold is the chocolate for you. Popular for its Golden Truffle grand cru chocolate, Delafee is prepared from the finest Ecuador cocoa beans and hand-garnished with edible 24-karat gold flakes, each piece is carefully wrapped in an eye-catching golden wrapper. As a bonus, you can also purchase up to 1gm of edible gold from this chocolatier if you fancy the stuff!!

Noka Vintages Collection

 Cost: $854 per pound

One of the finest dark chocolates, Noka chocolate offers a vintage collection of chocolates made from 75% pure cocoa beans that are exclusively extracted from plantations in Trinidad, Ecuador, Cote d’Ivoire and Venezuela. Free of any soy lecithin or vanilla, Noka collection tastes best when complimented with some red wine or brut champagne.

Michel Cluizel Box of Assorted Treats

Cost: $895 per box

Michael Cluizel is perhaps one of the tastiest and most beautiful-looking chocolates that has been around since 1948. Though a bit high on the price point, Michel Cluizel Box of Assorted Treats comes with around 400 pieces of luxury chocolates and is worth a bite!

Le Grand Louis XVI by Debauve & Gallais

Cost: $900 per pound

The Le Grand Louis XVI collection from the French chocolatier, Debauve & Gallais established by Sulpice Debauve, is an indulgence in royal novelty for those who love dark chocolates. Made of 99% cocoa and premium ingredients like Perigord nuts, Spanish almonds, Piedmont hazelnuts, Turin chestnuts, Antilles rum and Turkish raisins, the Le Grand Louis XVI collection has been a favorite to nobles and French kings of the fame of Napoleon since 1800. Free of soy lecithin, emulsifiers, dyes, preservatives and other additives, this chocolate holds the distinction of being a purveyor in the French courts.

Wispa Gold Wrapped Chocolate

Cost: $1628 per bar

Wispa Gold is among the most luxuriously crafted chocolate packaged in eye-catching edible golden leaf wrapper. A specialty from the world-famous chocolatier, Cadbury, this chocolate was relaunched with a swanky campaign after a 6-years’ hiatus, through the up-market UK department store, Selfridges, and has since been a favourite with many.

Chocopologie Chocolate Truffle

Cost: $2,600 per pound

If an indulgence in the luxurious feel and taste of one of the best real cocoa chocolates in the world is what is top on your mind, get ready to loosen your pockets for Denmark-originated Knipschildt Chocolatier’s Chocopologie Chocolate Truffle.

Serving the chocolate addicts of the world since 1999, Fritz Knipschildt’s chocolates are a creamy ganache delight prepared with 70% Valrhona dark chocolate, a delicious vanilla base and a rich, hand-rolled French black truffle inside. Also known as the La Madeline au Truffe, these chocolates are custom ordered and one that you can never get enough of!

Le Chocolat Box

Cost: $1.5 million per box

This chocolate is not just a delicacy but a visual delight too! With some of the most luxurious chocolates from one of the best confectionaries – Lake Forest Confections, the Le Chocolat box also comes with exquisitely designed jewelry such as necklaces, ear-rings, bracelets and rings, studded with a special collection of real gems like diamond, emeralds and sapphires. It is a supreme indulgence, albeit at an exorbitant price.

These chocolates, each one of them are not only famous for their smooth, delicious and luxurious tastes but are also among those that bear some of the highest price tags. Though not affordable by the masses in general, these still find their place in the “must-try” lists of the many chocolate addicts across the world.