10 Character Traits that are Hereditary

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10 Character Traits that are Hereditary

10 Character Traits that are Hereditary

10 Character Traits that are Hereditary

We are the composite of the DNA from our parents. The most tell-tale signs are the color of our eyes, our face resemblance that is typically found in one or both of our parents. We even inherit ailments like allergies, high blood pressure and mental illness that are a part of hereditary factor. However, there are yet other set of character traits that are hereditary and these will surprise you.

Following are the 10 character traits that are hereditary:

1. Your nicety

Kindness and compassion are predetermined within the DNA. The gene that decides this quality has three variants such as: G/G, A/G, or A/A. people having double G variant inherited from each parent are high on showing kindness or nicety. The lowest in the trait had double A variant. Additionally, double G variant lowers the risk of social anxiety and even autism.

2. Traveling as a hobby

People who love traveling have a certain gene, DRD4-7R that is known to be associated with restlessness and curiosity. It is often also referred to as the wanderlust gene. People having this gene are of an adventurous spirit. As per the genetic research it is concluded that 20% of the population has this gene. Another fact is that this gene variant is more prevalent in people living farther away from Africa. Our ancestors originated in Africa, but then decided to travel farther away to find a new dwellings which required them to travel a lot. This is typical Neanderthal behaviour and this is in fact passed on to some of us.

3. Taste of food

Some people love spicy food while others prefer the plain or bland. Choices like jelly sandwich or peanut butter is also a matter of genetics. For instance, whether something is bitter or not is related to TAS2R38, a gene that affects the taste buds. This specific variant in the DNA of an individual determines whether they taste something bitter or nothing at all. It is the same gene that determines whether a kid will love candy and how much. People with the double copy of the gene prefer food and drinks with high sugar.  

4. Driving Skills

If you are the one who gets pulled over for speeding then blame it on your DNA. In a study by neuroscientists it was concluded that certain genetic traits make one a good or bad driver. A protein named BDNF or Brain-derived neurotrophic factor is secreted during certain brain activity. People with a gene variant that produces less of BDNF were poor performers and were not able to drive well through tricky routes. Those with the normal gene were able to drive well in different driving conditions.

5. Your popularity

Your popularity and social skills too are inherited. Genetics identified certain genes that make some more likeable than others. So, people who have a larger social circle inherited the popularity gene. Men for example who are more popular have a gene that affects serotonin levels. Higher serotonin levels in males results in rule breaking behaviour that makes them more likeable amongst their peers. However, the study is still ongoing for the same in females.

6. Musical Talents

It is true that practice makes a man perfect, however, another fact is equally true that one must have the right genes for musical talent. As per the research of a Swedish neuroscientist the conclusive results stated that 40-70% trait of practicing music is inherited. Genetics are the reason for influencing the talent development through repetition and rehearsal. However, it is essential to note that people who lack the right genes have lower musical aptitude than those who inherit it.

7. Your laziness

If you are not able to make it out of the bed early morning, blame it on your genes. Its in your DNA that determines how active lifestyle you are going to lead. The active genes as recognized by scientists when present in the DNA of an individual makes them physically active or someone who is good at sports / exercising. While those who inherit the inactive genes are lethargic are less prone to indulge in physical exertion.

8. Your Coffee Addiction

While some of us are more content with a small quantity of our morning cuppa others would like to have more than one in the same time. The difference is due to genetics. The gene identified as PDSS2 is the one that influences your caffeine intake. Even though this gene is found in all of us, the variants that are more active when found in the DNA of some people, leads to less coffee drinking habit. Additionally, the gene is known to regulate the production of proteins that helps in breaking down caffeine. People having an active variant of the gene feel a prolonged effect of caffeine intake over a long period of time that makes them consume less of it.

9. Hangover

If you wake up with a hammering headache the next day after consuming alcohol the night before then it is due to the DNA influence. Due to a pair of gene mutations in a person’s DNA shows immediate effects of alcohol, it is also responsible for metabolizing the substance. It is all because of gene mutation that determines how the body is going to process alcohol and metabolize it quickly.

10. Your vote casting habit

Your tendency to prefer a specific political view or a party is also influenced by a gene. Some of us are genetically structured to follow a given convention and reject non-traditional movements. While some people share same views the shared values differ, like a study conducted on identical and fraternal twins indicated. While the identical twins shared same values the fraternal twins were different in their values. It is all due to different genetic makeup and different variants of genes.