A Liver Detox Is Easier Than You Thought

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A Liver Detox Is Easier Than You Thought

A Liver Detox Is Easier Than You Thought

A Liver Detox Is Easier Than You Thought

Liver is our body’s first filtration system. It is that breaks down the food we eat, separates nutrients from waste, cleanses the blood, and produces proteins. A well-functioning liver is capable of cleaning itself out, but it can’t do much if we keep exposing it to wrong gut environment – dietary or environmental toxins.

Our body always sends us signals when something is awry, but we ignore them all and continue on the wrong track. The best way to deduce if you need a health fix in the first place is to compare your current state with the healthiest you ever ‘felt’. Evaluate yourself on these points, and figure out if your body needs a Liver detox.

  • Craving a sugar-rush
  • Often constipated
  • Overweight
  • Recently developed an itch
  • Sensitive to smells, flavours or medications
  • Frequent anxiety or stress attacks
  • Weight loss efforts not affecting much
  • Joint pain
  • Bad breath or body odour
  • Mood swings
  • Seasonal allergies

If you’re checking most of these points in your list, chances are, you need a liver cleansing before any other external help. But how do you do that? Just some tweaks in everyday lifestyle can help you achieve the desired liver health, just what took that away from you. We are naming some points here.

1. Opt for a Liver-friendly diet

This one goes without saying. And the good news is, a recent study declares that warding off just about 5-6% of your body weight can fix the liver fat by upto 35-40%. Yes, if it is that receptive to weight loss, imagine how mentally relieving only such minimal weight-loss can be. After all, it takes of the onus from at least one major organ. So opt for food that promoted weight loss, or helps your maintain it if you’re ‘fit’ on the scale.

2. Ditch the processed

Another healthy move would be to ward off (in parts or all at once) the processed food consumption from your usual diet. Cut off processed foods, caffeine, alcohol, and substitute with whole grains, beans, nuts, organic fruits and vegetables, meats and minimally processed oils like Olive or Coconut. This shift will take of all the scope of body being exposed to more toxins, and give a healthy dose of nutrients. Also, to flush your body of leftover toxins, drink at least 10-12 glasses of water (preferably warm, lemon-induced) every day.

3. Target the liver

Apart from adopting a diet that largely benefits the body, opt for some liver-friendly edibles too, which will speed up the healing process. Vitamin E, antioxidants, phenolic derivatives, phytochemicals and good bacteria are a liver’s best friends that give an extra push to its basic functions. So opt for almonds, artichokes, broccoli, citrus fruits, berries, curd and green tea etc.

4. Intermittent fasting

This one’s a trick to fool the liver, but works the best when it’s developed a proper functional routine. ‘Intermittent’ means irregular, something that’s not scheduled. Fasting is good on many levels and has been a favorite detox method for several generations.

But when you schedule your fasting, the liver begins to plan its functioning well in time. It generates better sugar metabolism and rids the body of accumulated liver fat on the day it gets no food to break down. However, fasting intermittently tricks the liver and gets it to work more often, at your disposal.

The list can go on, but what matters is how mindful we are of acknowledging a health threat and working hands-on at it. A healthy liver is foremost agenda we must have on our chart, before any work or general life achievements.

If you’re active on this list and develop a routine that syncs with your liver’s health, you’d notice so many health problems vanishing away.