2023 Internet Rewind: Top 4 Memes And Catchphrases That Ruled The Web In India

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2023 Internet Rewind: Top 4 Memes And Catchphrases That Ruled The Web In India

Meme Laughter

We all like to spend time scrolling through reels and trending memes now and then, but what catches the eye the most is the popularity of viral videos, trending reels, and a few catchphrases that can be used in any situation to describe a specific mood and situation well. So, let's understand and find out the most popular memes now that the year is ending. Let's have a look at the most trending five memes that took over the internet in the year 2023.

  1. The ‘Bhupendra Jogi - Better than American Roads’ meme

The trend began with a humorous incident in 2018 when he made a bold claim that Madhya Pradesh roads were comparatively better than those in America, all in front of the camera. When the journalist quizzed him about the places he visited in the States for the comparison, he only responded by repeating his full name in an attempt to hide his embarrassment. The incident went viral in 2023, with numerous memes featuring his name in different contexts, making it relatable and funny too.

  1. The ‘Jasmeen Kaur - so beautiful, so elegant’ meme

Numerous celebrities started using this language to describe the beauty of an outfit or how amazing someone looks in their attire. It all began with Jasmeen Kaur, who showcased her salwar suits collection on Instagram, exclaiming, 'So beautiful, so elegant, just looking like a wow!' These words catapulted her into overnight internet sensation status, thanks to her energetic and hilariously expressive way of appreciating trending outfits.

  1. The ‘Moye Moye’ meme

Teya Dora named 'Džanum,' the Serbian singer-songwriter with the song lyrics 'Moye More,' is the reason behind the popular meme. The rest is history, as the majority of reels across the internet began using this word to describe their discontent or situations akin to a lost cause—a mood where they are in absolute disarray about something or someone. Even celebrities like Ayushmann Khurrana jumped on the bandwagon with these words.

  1. ‘The boys’ meme

The phrase originated from the chorus of 'Bones' by Imagine Dragons and gained popularity in humorous situations, implanting the idea that 'boys will be boys' in any funny circumstance. Guys frequently created trending, funny reels with bold red words at the end, encapsulating 'The Boys.' Whether it's a funny situation, prank, or even a serious scenario, the essence of the 'boys will be boys' concept defines The Boys meme.