10 Ways to Create a Morning Routine and Actually Stick to it!

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10 Ways to Create a Morning Routine and Actually Stick to it!


Morning blues are something every working person has to deal with. Thanks to the work-from-home routine gifted by the pandemic, our laziness and procrastination are at their peak. But are you not tired of being a couch potato, making morning routine plans which you know you will not be able to implement? Therefore, we have made you a list of 10 different ways that you can follow not only to create a morning routine but also truly stick to it.

  1. Make a Sleeping Schedule

The first and foremost step is to make a sleeping schedule and adjust your timing as per your work and sleeping requirements. In simple words, evaluate how many hours you need to get an actual good night's sleep and adjust everything accordingly. For example, 8 hours of sleep is ideal for any adult. If you are required to leave for office at 8 in the morning, you may want to wake up at seven, and therefore you would need to sleep at around 11 pm.

Once your schedule is set, make changes to your alarm as if you set your clock to wake you up early, you'll need to be in bed ready to sleep at an early hour too. Remember, proper sleep is essential for any kind of work.

  1. Stop Using Your Phone Right After You Wake Up

We spend all day every day with our eyes stuck to the screen of our phone and laptop to either work or enjoy a binge-watch. Even then, the first thing that all of us do after waking up is reach out for our mobile phones. We feel this need to check out phones first thing in the morning.

We know it will not be easy, but if you want a refreshing and positive morning, you need to stop checking your phone first thing in the morning. Not only the screen light gives stress to your eyes, but the posts and news that you come across on social media impact your mood as well. Not to forget, once you get down to scrolling, you will not even realize when the time went by.

  1. Do Respiratory Exercises

Now that you are off of your phone make it a habit to do respiratory exercises in the morning. Focus on your breathing. Before racing your mind to think about your work, take six long and deep breaths.

The said breathing exercise is not only to clear your head and have a positive mind, but it also supports your body movement and helps in maintaining a good posture. Additionally, if you are dealing with any mental health issue such as anxiety or depression, breathing exercises relieve the anxiety and its physical and mental symptoms.

  1. Drink Water

Usually, people yearn for their morning tea/coffee to start their day apart from their mobile phones. However, it will do wonders for you and your body if you just put a brake on that thought of morning coffee and take water instead.

Your body needs to be hydrated to function properly. When you sleep all night, you rarely wake up in the middle of the night to fetch some water. Therefore, by the time you wake up in the morning, your esophagus and you feel thirsty. Not to forget the water that you lose via sweat. Hence, always hydrate yourself before taking any beverage.

  1. Move Around for a Little Warm Up

Now, this is the most basic and common suggestion that you must understand. Every morning, do not hastily rush to work. Give a little time to your body to wake up after resting all night and move around your body part for a bit of warm-up. Otherwise, one simple yet sudden body movement could become an injury.

  1. Exercise

Another obvious suggestion is to do exercises daily. It is not necessary to carry out a whole workout session. You just need to take 10-15 minutes, and even the basic exercises in the morning will make you feel optimistic about the day.

Now, if you say you don't have even five minutes to give to exercises, you can find other ways to exercise as well. Any work can be a good exercise for your body, for example, walking up and down your stairs, doing pushups in your kitchen while you make your coffee, and so on.

  1. Make Your Bed

We all have heard that making the bed after waking up gives you the motivation to do work with a positive attitude. Well, as cliché it may sound, it is a hundred percent true. Making the bed is the easiest job to do, which anybody can do right. If the first work of your day turns outright, it makes you feel good about yourself, and you are not only motivated to get the job done but also to do it right.

  1. Set Your Mind Right With a to-do List

Before tensing about how much work you need to do, take a minute to think your day through. Make a to-do list and arrange the listings as per your work schedule and importance. However, don't forget to give yourself some breaks between different activities or chores.

  1. Give Yourself a Pep Talk

Once you are ready to head out for work or begin the household chores, give yourself little pep talks to boost up your motivation and confidence. Before starting the job, tell yourself that you can do it. You can also do meditation if required to get your head straight.

If you are a person who gets anxious and stressed out easily, remind yourself how powerful you are. Be thankful your life share gratitude. As you get done with your day, appreciate yourself for successfully completing the work.

  1. Repeat the Cycle

Once the day ends, you will still have the confidence to do it all again the next day. Repeat the process for the healthier routine the next day. Make your sleeping schedule, set the alarm accordingly, and end your day with a relived and stress-free brain.