7 Health Warning Signs One Should Not Ignore

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7 Health Warning Signs One Should Not Ignore

chest pain


When your body gives you indicators about problematic health symptoms, you should not overlook them. Whether these are subtle or obvious, you should know when you should seek medical care.


Symptoms like chest pain, unanticipated loss of speech or vision, or migraine are unavoidable. The warning signs of heart issues may include chest pain or sudden discomfort. When you are down with fever, it could imply various things, based on your present condition. It may be an infection, tumor, or tuberculosis.


While you generally tend to ignore warning signs or mistake them for something else, it can be detrimental to your health. Some of the warning signs that you must not ignore at all include:


Persistent Or High Fever

Your body raises its temperature to fight an infection or illness. Fever helps in stimulating your body’s defenses. But if it remains persistent, it can raise concerns.

It may indicate infections like COVID-19. If fever is accompanied by associated health conditions like body ache, and cough, you should seek medical advice.

When you visit your health care provider, they are likely to recommend you to undergo the COVID-19 test. High-risk COVID-19 problems may also cause breathing issues. If you face difficulty breathing, you should not waste time getting medical help.


Crushing Chest Pain

Chest discomfort is a well-known indicator of heart problems. You tend to feel an ache or tightness in your chest as if someone is squeezing or crushing it.

Other symptoms associated with heart issues include burning or tightness in the chest and heavy pressure. The searing pain may also affect your arms, neck, back, and shoulder.  Crushing chest pain may not necessarily result in a heart attack. But you must not ignore it at all costs.

Personality Changes or Intense Confusion

If you face sudden behavioral changes, or difficulty thinking or paying attention, you must look for immediate medical attention.

Several health issues can lead to these symptoms. It may be due to certain infections, lack of nutrition, or due to consumption of drugs. Dehydration or mental health conditions can also trigger it.

Tearing Sensation

A tearing sensation in your body makes you feel as if you are being torn or ripped apart. It may be when you face a muscle injury during physical activity. But, if this is not the reason, it may point to something serious.

Rupture of the aorta also tends to cause sudden upper back or chest pain. It leads to a tearing or ripping sensation. The pain may travel to your neck or back. If the pain persists for 20 minutes, and you feel nauseated, contact your health care provider.

Unexplained Discomfort in Bowel Movement

If your bowel movements face sudden usual changes, be wary of them. When suffering from long-term constipation or diarrhea, and pain in the stomach, do not overlook it.

If your stools are ill-colored, or bloody, bring it to your doctor’s notice. You may be suffering from a bacterial or viral infection, or in some cases, colon cancer.


Dizziness is associated with various underlying conditions. It can be due to certain problems in the gastrointestinal tract, brain, or vision. If dizziness persists, and you additionally feel nauseated, get medical help.

It could also be one of the many symptoms of diabetes, blood pressure, dehydration, and heart issues, among others.

Flashes of Light

Migraine may cause flashes of light or bright spots. Retinal injury or detachment, in certain cases, also causes this to happen. Get medical help to avoid cases of permanent vision loss.

These are some of the unavoidable warning signs, that you should pay heed to and seek advice and help from your doctor.