8 ways Sex is Beneficial for you

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8 ways Sex is Beneficial for you

8 ways Sex is Beneficial for you

8 ways Sex is Beneficial for you

Sex, they say, is an overrated concept. However, we talk science. There are plenty of benefits a session of sex can bring to the individuals, their mutual bonding, and their home. Let us see some reasons, backed by science, which may send you looking for your partner right away…

1- Its an exercise

A proper session of sex raises your heart rate as much as a session of cycling or brisk walk. So while it may not be a full-blown workout, it sure is a moderate exercise.

2- Guarding your Heart

Studies reveal that women who had sex once a month could fix their risk if heart diseases if they took the average up till twice a week or more. It is yet to be clear if it’s the sex helping their heart, or the other way around, where the healthy women relish sex as an activity more than the rest.

3- Bye Bye, Headache

If you’ve been naming headache as a reason to not get cozy under the sheets lately, then there’s science proving you wrong. Sex not just heals an ongoing bout of headache, but also fixes the body’s tendency to get frequent headaches, and even migraine. Move to an upset stomach as an excuse, as that may still fit on the days you aren’t feeling in the mood.

4- Stress management

People who work in a stressful environment all day, or those that are feeling some anxiety pertaining to activities like public speaking, may find some relief with a healthy session of sex. It lowers one’s stress and anxiety and balances out the happy hormones that have otherwise gone to the back-seat. This bit requires that you do it with a partner.

5- Live Long

Science has also proven that women with a higher frequency of climaxing ended up living slightly longer than those who got lesser sex. It remains to be seen if it’s the sex lengthening one’s life or just indicating their overall health, but why take chances!

6- Sharper mind

People, especially the men, who had a healthy sex life after their 40s were better at quick mathematical calculations and overall memory, than the ones without it. And the difference in these capabilities is quite evident.

7- Happy all the way

A session of steamy sex kick-starts the production of happy hormones in one’s body. That being said, about once a week was a good frequency to have. The committed couples even report the desire dropping down if done more than that. However, if you’re single and seeking ‘happiness’, whenever you get lucky could be the day you get happy. All bets are off.

8- Bonding time

The hormone called Oxytocin is responsible for feelings like intimacy, closeness and affection. Frequent sex not just maintains healthy levels of Oxytocin, but also works wonders for both the partners in the larger picture.