9 Habits Linked To A Longer And Happier Life

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9 Habits Linked To A Longer And Happier Life


It is always said that being proactive with regard to your health is essential to add years to your life.

Longevity is the quality of life and this is direct in relation to your health, just like you have a health policy and insurance in place it is essential to inculcate healthy habits in your lifestyle too.

So, what is it that can be done that would count as good habits for a longer, happier life? Given here are a few pointers that will give you 9 such habits that are directly linked to having longer, happier life.

  1. Regular checkups

During young age it may seem like something that can easily be given a pass, but as you age so does your body and it requires regular maintenance and upkeep.

For this reason taking proactive measure regarding your health becomes absolutely necessary.

Annual checkups should be added to your to do list at this time when you are keen on taking steps for preventing onset of a chronic illness and to watch out for hereditary diseases as well.

Knowing that you may be prone to some kind of illness in your old age, you should get yourself screened and stay in touch with your health practitioner/ physician.

  1. Staying consistent in physical activity

​​Physical activity is necessary and should be a part of your daily activity or to do list as per physicians. If you are looking forward to having a healthy life ahead and lowering your risk for chronic conditions like hypertension, stroke, obesity, heart disease and diabetes then it should be treated as a necessary part of your routine.

Regular aerobic exercise, stretching, brisk walking and light jogging are good for your health. As per WHO or world health organization the recommended limit for adults is 2 ½ hours of physical activity from moderate to vigorous.

3. Healthy BMI

BMI or body mass index is the measure of the body fat and differs from individual to individual. It is the marker for maintaining healthy weight as per your age and height to avoid potential health risks. For this reason it is essential to maintain healthy BMI for longevity. When this is done you are lowering your risk of cardiovascular disease and even cancer. Having healthy food would be added advantage.

4. Proper nutrition

Having food that are plant based would provide you with ample amount of antioxidants that helps in regulating free radicals. Stress leads to changes in the body and plaque build-up in the arteries. Oxidation is the process that is linked to aging.

Begin by avoiding red and processed meats; you should include cruciferous vegetables, legumes, fruits, nuts and whole grains in your daily diet. If you can begin eating healthy as young as 20 then you are adding 13 more years to your life.

Filling up half of your plate with fruits and vegetables is a good way to begin, next would be cooking habits that should include more baking and broiling rather than frying.

  1. Mental wellness

Often people tend to brush off being sad or low as a mood swing, but then you consistently stay in that zone it is depression.

Another example would be neglecting your levels of stress and anxiety that are the reasons behind hypertension and sleep disorders. Substance abuse and poor dietary choices add to it too. So, what should be done to maintain your mental wellness?

  • Quit smoking, drinking and intake of any such intoxicants bad for health
  • Regulating your sleep pattern and having 8 hours of sleep daily is essential too
  • Moderate exercise daily with healthy meals should be a part of your daily life
  • Maintaining mental health hygiene by meditation, yoga and forest bathing is yet another means of managing your mental wellness
  • Taking regular intervals from social media or social media detox along with your mobile gadgets and spending time in nature is good for mental health
  • Surrounding yourself with positive people and people who inspire you to achieve your goals impacts your mental health in a positive manner
  • Include breath exercises as a part of your daily routine, especially when you wake up
  • Journaling your feelings and emotions is a way to keep your mental health in check
  • Include numerous mindfulness practices in your daily routine to help regulate your emotions
  1. Sleep

Sleeping less than 7 hours at night contributes to high stress, shoot up blood sugar and is a major reason behind blood pressure issues.

Improving your sleep cycle and quality is essential to maintain your health. Taking regular light exercises and maintaining sleep hygiene is essential.

For a good night sleep following may help:

  • Maintain regular sleep – wake up cycle
  • Avoid caffeinated drinks prior to bed time
  • Stretching prior to sleep helps relaxing muscles, for this consult a practitioner
  • Avoid taking spiced up food or heavy meals prior to bed time
  • Maintain comfortable room temperature, dim or low light that soothes the mind, use rose scented diffuser for relaxing your mind
  • Improve your sleep quality by having good mattress and comfortable pillows
  1. Drinking

Often people think that drinking moderately is good for heart health, but the opposite of it is true. Alcohol is a toxin that is not good for heart muscles and in fact leads to heart failure and is responsible for rise in blood sugar levels.

Excessive drinking or daily drinking should be avoided for longevity and lowering risk for diabetes along with lowering risks to cancer, cardiovascular diseases and other chronic ailments.

  1. Smoking

Smoking causes major health risk and is responsible for multiple cancers like lung and breast cancer for instance.

It is one of the contributing factors for heart diseases and is known to shorten the lifespan of the individual who smokes regularly. Quit smoking for a long and healthy life.

  1. Building relationships

It is a well-researched fact that when you have people around you who love, care and support your and bring positivity in your life then you live a long and happy life.

Building relationships with positive people, having yourself surround with family and friends, a good community adds years to your life and keeps you away from mental health issues. People with strong relationships experience less episodes of depression and cognitive decline in advance years of their life.

Nothing is set in stone, yet implementing these good habits will give you a head start towards longer and happier life.

There are other things too like improving your lifestyle and bringing positive changes on multiple levels of your life. It is all about taking a three sixty degree approach towards changing your life positively, but one step at a time.