Better Brain Health Is Just A Detox Away!

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Better Brain Health Is Just A Detox Away!

Better Brain Health Is Just A Detox Away!

Better Brain Health Is Just A Detox Away!

One of the most clicked words on blogs now a days is “Detox”. It’s a concept that has gained enough and more traction in the last few years, with its graph peaking up in these months where there are festivals, weddings, and financial stresses. When a body is in its detoxification mode, while the toxic debris is being excreted out of it, some of our organs have to be recruited on the job as well. The Brain is one such organ. As it loads up on toxic matter, an individual may complain of fatigue, exhaustion, or some cognitive disabilities and failures. Needless to say, the brain demands its own detox every few days too!

Eliminate the Foes

There are some food items that we consume, which could become a hindrance in the way of shedding weight or toxic matter. So before you set out to detox and make your brain its healthy version once again, eliminate from your diet the material that could hold you back any day.

Eat those Colours

What would you see if you looked at fruit and vegetable vendors in a supermarket, from a distance? Just colours, right? Well, all these colours signify some nutrient or the other that are essential for our holistic health. So when you’re buying these, target to load up on as many ‘colours’ as you can. From things as big and prominent in a serving as a watermelon, to something as negligible as ginger or garlic, you need them all in your shopping cart. And this science is not limited to just the fruits and vegetable, but also to other food groups like nuts, legumes, seeds and fatty fruits like banana or avocado.

Fix Some Interval Eating Habits

We understand that your body is accustomed to getting its dose of food at fixed time slots. But if you want to break the loop of bad health, you will have to break that food consumption pattern too. Skip surrendering to the cravings to eat, and give your body a break from its digestive duties. This way, you can utilize the energy saved from gastrointestinal tract to make the other detox-focused organs function better.

Detox your Environment

Detoxifying one’s body isn’t limited to food. What environment we live in also has a huge part to play in our brain health. So cut off on exposure to any complex toxins or pollutants. One must definitely eat organic groceries that are cooked in a healthier way. But also use eco-friendly cosmetics that do you no harm. Pick off the shelves the personal care or cleaning products that may or may not score much on the advertising budgets, but definitely be short on chemicals.

Sweat It Out

Much like your body, your brain demands that a lot of sweat be shed too. So take a break from your comfortable couch, step out, and choose to walk, run, cycle, dance or skip a rope. In fact, climb a mountain if you must, but just sweat it out!