Coffee On An Empty Stomach: Insights From Health Experts

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Coffee On An Empty Stomach: Insights From Health Experts


The majority like to start their day with a cup of coffee to give them the kick start for the day and to face the daily grind.

However, now that many are contemplating the health benefits of breakfast and beverages consumed in the morning, especially when it comes to the consumption of coffee on an empty stomach, it has now become a hot topic of discussion; whether or not to consume it.

What do nutritionists have to say when it comes to consuming coffee on an empty stomach? Is coffee consumption bad on an empty stomach? While it may be normal for many people who are not facing any gut issues or gastric troubles, it does wreak havoc on those who are sufferers.

Nutritionists, dietitians, and medical experts suggest that people with ulcers, IBS, and other similar conditions should avoid consuming coffee early in the morning on an empty stomach as it may give rise to further gastric trouble. However, when it comes to healthy people, their stomach membrane can protect them from any harm.

Another school of thought would argue that there is hardly any significant connection between consuming coffee and stomach ulcer formation or coffee causing harm to the intestines. People can easily consume coffee more than once throughout the day without any harm to their stomach as the stomach lining is a strong shield against any acidic beverage that an individual consumes.

Having a good metabolism, however, is essential to be able to digest coffee without any side effects. It is essential to note that while coffee may be a popular early morning beverage, it does give rise to blood pressure and may even add up to heartburn if an individual suffers from poor metabolism.

It is to be noted that coffee provides a temporary rush or kick, but at the same time, it temporarily gives rise to blood sugar levels, which may be bad news for people suffering from diabetes.

What is the best way to consume coffee?

  • It is suggested that one must avoid taking coffee close to bedtime as it may lead to insomnia.
  • It is essential to note that people suffering from gastric issues should avoid taking coffee on an empty stomach as it may become the reason for stomach acid production.
  • The best that one can do is to dilute coffee with milk or almond milk and have a light breakfast with it. You can consume your coffee with high-   fiber food, avocado toast, and even include protein-rich foods like eggs with coffee.
  • Avoid having a long gap between consuming coffee and the first meal to set off its acidic effects.

In conclusion to it all, it is best to remember that coffee consumption on an empty stomach does not necessarily harm the stomach, but some rules are essential to be followed. While coffee is infused with antioxidants, it is good to keep a coffee log and health log to understand how it affects your gut health.