Kshar Sutra: Unbeatable since thousands of Years

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Kshar Sutra: Unbeatable since thousands of Years

Kshar Sutra: Unbeatable since thousands of Years
Kshar Sutra: Unbeatable since thousands of Years
Image credit: Ksharsutratherapy.com

Unhealthy diet and the stress of modern lifestyle lead to a series of health issues, anorectal disorders being one of these. These include problems like hemorrhoids, rectal/anal polyps, sentinel piles and fistula-in-ano (bhagandara). Ksharsutra, a minimal invasive parasurgical technique which originates from Ayurveda, comes as one of the safest and most effective treatments for these disorders.

Such is the efficacy of this ancient therapy devised by Ayurveda experts Sushruta, Charak and Vagbhata, that it is being practiced centuries later, in the present times too.

Understanding Kshar Sutra- The Miracle Healer

Kshar Sutra is a technique of herbal chemical cauterization, which makes use of special thread known by the same name, for elimination of anorectal conditions. The alkaline thread is prepared by manually coating a surgical linen thread with eleven layers of Snuhi Latex (Euphorbia Nerifolia), followed by another seven layers of the latex along with Apamarga Kshara (Achyrathus Aspera, an alkaline powder) and another three layers of the latex and Haridara (Curcuma Longa powder). The thread is allowed to dry between coatings and finally sterilized using ultra violet radiation.

The procedure is done under local anesthesia, using a malleable probe which is inserted though the external opening of the fistulous tract into the internal opening of the anal canal. The probe is then gently removed and the Kshar Sutra used to tie the fistulous tract, so that it is left open to facilitate the drainage of pus from therein.

Gradually, the alkaline thread cuts and heals the tract with its alkaline, anti-inflammatory action. The fistulous tract is subjected to chemical curettage and at the same time, its antibacterial property minimizes the chances of thriving of bacteria, speeding up the healing process all the way.

The unhealthy tissue is destroyed ad removed due to the caustic action of the Kshar Sutra and the tract is opened up. Ksharasutra is to be kept for a period of a week, after which it is to be replaced with a fresh one every week till the fistulous tract is completely cut through and healed.

Benefits of Kshar Sutra

The procedure is considered much better as compared to conventional surgery because, in addition to being minimally invasive and safe, it is also cost-effective. The recurrence rate is minimal and so are surgical complications such as incontinence, stricture and stenosis. The patient can be active and can resume normal lifestyle within a few days.

Possible Complications

Though Kshar Sutra is a relatively simple and safe procedure, patients may encounter some minor complications after the procedure. There may be urine retention after the ligation. Most of the time, it can be treated with sitz bath in warm water, while catheterization may be needed in some cases.

Some may come across abscess formation, a common occurrence for patients of piles. Local application of goghrita and dashang lepa can alleviate the problem. The wound may ooze in many patients and constipation management is the way out. Local irritation is seen in most cases and regular local application of oil on the affected area provides relief.

Kshar sutra-What next?

Once Kshar Sutra is performed, certain precautions and lifestyle changes are recommended to speed up the healing process. Primarily, it is essential to regulate the bowel and prevent constipation as straining may aggravate the condition. High fiber diet along with plenty of water is effective for this purpose.

Also, spicy and heavy foods should be avoided. One should stay active with simple exercises like walking, but travelling and prolonged standing and sitting should be avoided. The anal area should be kept clean and regular dressing needs to be done.

In a nutshell, the Kshar Sutra technique is a holistic treatment of a condition, which is quite difficult to treat using western medical and surgical practices. One can save on money as well as heal faster with this technique, making it effective for the quintessential “pain in the rear”!

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