Mindful Living: Embracing Today For Attaining Inner Peace

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Mindful Living: Embracing Today For Attaining Inner Peace


One of the most revered spiritual gurus from India, Sri Jaggi Vasudev ji, fondly called 'Sadhguru', explains that when someone is suffering, it's because they are either dwelling on the past or living in the future. The root cause of human suffering and constant mental stress is the inability to live in the present or to be present in the moment.

But what does living in the present mean, and how can one achieve it?

Here are some easy, yet life-changing tips that will help you ground yourself in the present moment and truly live in today.

Meaning of living in present

It's all about being here and now, or to put it another way, it's about enjoying life as it is and going with the flow of events that unfold.

Bring awareness to the present events that surround you, enjoying them while they last, without worrying about the future. It's about savoring the moment before it's gone.

Five Pillars of Mindful Living: Embracing the Present


It's all about being aware of the here and now, without letting your mind wander to the past or think about the future.

The key is to stay grounded in the moment and practice mindfulness meditation techniques. These techniques will help bring your awareness to the present until it becomes a natural process for you.


It is essential to understand that holding onto grudges, harboring anger towards a person or an event, or indulging in resentment and rumination will only make you revisit and relive the pain repeatedly.

The only way to free yourself from clinging to your past is by forgiving yourself and the person(s) involved, letting go of the situation as it was, and moving on for the sake of your mental peace.


By refraining from judging and over-analyzing things or people, you can resolve inner conflicts and maintain a mind free from chaos.

Additionally, it's beneficial to accept things and people as they are without judgment, as this only leads to personal conflict and robs you of your mental serenity.

Thoughts are thoughts

All of us experience numerous random thoughts throughout the day, but dwelling on them, especially the negative ones, can perpetuate a negative mindset.

Cultivating a positive mindset requires letting thoughts come and go without lingering on them for too long.

If you find yourself fixating on a negative thought, make it a habit to immediately shift your focus to something comforting and positive.

Stop Self-sabotage

If you're unable to step out of your comfort zone, unwilling to change, or not open to adjusting your current plans, you're standing in your own way.

Combat self-sabotage by recognizing your shortcomings when it comes to completing a task or achieving a goal.