Mint Water: Benefits Of This Super Drink

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Mint Water: Benefits Of This Super Drink

mint water

You must have enjoyed consuming mint in its most common form like chutneys, mojitos, iced teas and other such concoctions for its flavor and cooling properties.

However, there is more to mint than it just being a summer coolant. The herb is infused with a lot of health benefits and the easiest way to consume it is by preparing mint water/ tea as per your choice, to reap its benefits. The herb is known to have anti-inflammatory, disease fighting properties and it is antimicrobial too.

Let us find out how to prepare mint water and mint tea and the health benefits associated with this 'super' herb.

Preparing Mint Water / Tea

It is easy to prepare mint water / tea, as it is equally beneficial to be consumed as a cold or hot beverage.

Mint water preparation

  • Take a 250 ml water bottle (glass)
  • Soak in 15-20 mint leaves for two hours, add a slice of lemon for citrus flavor and then it’s ready to consume
  • For best results you can leave it overnight in the bottle to be consumed next day

Mint goes along with a lot of other fruits/ herbs you can add as per your choice and availability:

  • cucumber slices
  • fresh berries
  • citrus segments
  • melon cubes
  • rosemary
  • basil
  • coconut
  • ginger
  • turmeric
  • honey
  • stevia

Preparing Mint Tea

  • Take a sprig (20-25 leaves) of mint
  • Crush the leaves
  • Add it to 4 cups of water and boil this concoction for 3-5 minutes
  • Let it cool and the tea is ready to be enjoyed

Health Benefits of Mint

If you happen to purchase fresh mint from the grocery store then it may be spearmint as is available to consume. However, if you choose to purchase readymade mint water then it may be infused with the peppermint version. Whatever edible mint you choose to go with, it is always beneficial for your health.

Low in calories/ sugar

A natural drink that is low in calories without losing its ability to delight your taste buds. Spearmint leaves contain 5 calories whereas peppermint leaves are infused with 2.5 calories. There are numerous mint species that are known to contain bioactive phytonutrients that promote general body health.

Eases indigestion

Often indigestion is caused by stress and bad metabolism in addition to other factors like spicy food and fatty food or unhygienic food. It is easier to sooth indigestion with mint water as it comprise of menthol that has a calming effect on the system by relieving cramps, gas and bloating.

May help with weight loss

What causes weight gain is a dominating factor called calories that is often consumed via consumption of sugary beverage, so when you replace it with low calorie health drink then the problem is solved. Not only it helps in avoiding consumption of sugary drinks but also brings down bloating.

Fights fatigue

Feeling low on energy at the end of the day and exhausted to do any chores after reaching home from work, daily grind takes a toll on our energy levels. Suffering from fatigue is almost an occupational hazard these days, so why not deal with it the natural way by consuming mint infused water.

The flavor, aroma and uplifting freshness of this herb helps in relaxing the mind and body. It gives a boost to the mood and senses. Additionally, it helps you stay off caffeine.


Mint is believed to detox system and it is great for boosting immunity, flushing toxins while keeping the body hydrated. Best summer drink when you want to maintain a good health without adding calories.

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