Post-pregnancy Inch Loss that’s sure to Work

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Post-pregnancy Inch Loss that’s sure to Work

Post-pregnancy Inch Loss that’s sure to Work

Post-pregnancy Inch Loss that’s sure to Work

Becoming a mother is a beautiful and incredible experience that women (female species) are capable of. Its no short of a miracle, to be able to keep and nurture in one’s own body, a baby that would be breathing and walking around in the world someday.

However, there is no denying that it takes a toll on the woman’s body. The soft, jiggly, smooshy post-partum belly is so normal that it has its own terminology, like ‘Mommy Pooch’ or ‘Mummy Tummy’. As per reports, about 86% women claim that even after 2 years of delivering their babies, their waist hadn’t returned to its normal.

What we see as a pooch outside is actually the separation of abdominal muscles inside. Medically, it is known as Diastasis Recti.

A method that’s going to take no more than 10 minutes of your time each day is sure to steal several inches off your waist within 3 weeks. It is called the Dia Method.

The rectus abdominal muscles are responsible for giving us the much-coveted abs. Their natural placement should be parallel to each other on both sides of the navel, without much gap. People believe these muscles are horizontal across the belly, but the truth is, they run vertically, from the head to toe.

During pregnancy, this entire set-up is disrupted in order to accommodate the baby. The muscles and navel get misaligned. In some lucky cases, these muscles realign themselves after the delivery, but that’s quite rare. Most of the times, it leaves a wide 1-2 inches wide gap that’s left without any muscles underneath. That is what eventually the pooch becomes as the unsupported skin doesn’t stay in shape and drops down. Apart from being unappealing to look at, it’s also quite dangerous and must be fixed.

To get these muscles realigned, the right exercise is quite helpful. However, women simply go by their online notions (or instinct) and believe that ab-focused exercises like crossover crunches and bicycle crunches will do them good. On the contrary, these exercises splay their ab muscles even far apart, thus making the problem even more serious.

Lately, more and more doctors and therapists have begun supporting this method. It consists of sets of a small, intense movement, which may not even be perceptible to others. Let’s see how it’s done…

  • Sit on the floor with crossed legs and hands on your belly. Inhale deeply and let the belly expand fully. As your exhale, pull the abs muscles inwards as tightly as you can. In your mind, target to make these muscles touch the spine.
  • Stay in the position till you can. Take tiny breaths, making the stomach go as far out and as close in as possible. Perform the same for 10 minutes every day. This will, in a way, lock the muscles in their real place.

Many new-moms on this workout have reported an easy 2 inches (or slightly more) shed off their waists in 3 weeks. It has put the muscles on track, made the abs firmer, and healed their backache. Talk of a complete package!