Spices that help your weight loss regime

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Spices that help your weight loss regime

Spices that help your weight loss regime

Spices that help your weight loss regime

Has weight management been among your top new year resolutions every year – for many years? Have you not seen much of a progress so far? Already spent a bomb on all those memberships and fancy gimmicks? Well, you’re not alone! Weight loss is a billion-dollar industry; all thanks to us for spending big bucks on our weight loss regimes. But are they really working?

Guess it’s time we provided you an easier, natural solution to your weight management problems. It’s easy, simply head to your gym err kitchen! Yes, you heard it right, your kitchen!

Your kitchen already has a number of potent weight loss boosters. They are inexpensive; have gripping aromas; and the best part is that they are completely natural. We hereby present to you five ordinary spices with extraordinary properties which will really pack a big punch to your weight loss regime.

Cinnamon:   Popularly called as “the oldest spice known to man”, cinnamon is a magical spice when it comes to its weight loss properties. It is very effective in boosting the metabolism and controlling cholesterol, insulin and blood sugar levels. You can include this in your diet very easily. Sprinkle a teaspoonful in cereals, yogurt or juices or simply add some honey to make a hot tea.

Cayenne: Cayenne, also known as red-pepper or chili flakes, contains capsaicin which helps burn fat. Dubbed the most powerful spice, Cayenne has many therapeutic properties such as being anti-inflammatory, boosting metabolism, regulating blood pressure etc. One should avoid having this powerful spice as a part of any drinks. It can be eaten as part of the meals instead.

Black Pepper: Being “the most widely traded spice in the world” – for over 3000 years – black pepper can do wonders to your weight loss progress. Piperine, a major constituent of this miracle spice has strong fat burning properties. It can be ground and sprinkled over food making it easy to digest; thanks to the thermogenic properties of piperine.

Ginger: This is easily one of the oldest spices used in the recorded history. It has been long used for its medicinal properties. Research suggests that it is helpful in type 2 diabetes and heart disease; however, more research is required for conclusion. Its medicinal and thermogenic properties have got it the place among the spices of the millennia.

It also aids the digestion; thereby helping the body assimilate the nutrients and detoxify. It boosts the energy levels and acts as an appetite suppressant. Simmer it with hot water and sip or add it to boiling tea water and enjoy your cuppa for weight loss benefits.

Mustard Seeds: These little seeds go way back in the times of Pythagoras and Hippocrates who appreciated the seed for its many properties, and even beyond. Rich in allyl isothiocyanates that give it the characteristic flavor, mustard seeds are a must-have spice for those looking to shred those extra kilos. For best results, you may want to use the ground mustard as opposed to the prepared mustard for better results.

Along with these must-have spices that are known for their amazing thermogenic properties aiding the weight loss process, you should also consider spices like garlic, turmeric, cloves, cumin, coriander, oregano etc. These spices also have antiseptic and anti-microbial properties and are found to be rich in antioxidants making them a perfect match for your weight loss regime.

Another thing that you may want to take into account is that overuse of these spices may reduce their potency for your body. It is rather better to have them in right quantity. You may want to go the every-alternate-day route to ensure that you are getting the most out of these magical spices but not going overboard.

If you are including these magical boosters along with the consistency, it is just a matter of time before you achieve the healthy weight and an attractive figure!

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