Too Tired to Work Out? Do these 5 Simple Exercises for a Healthy Day!

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Too Tired to Work Out? Do these 5 Simple Exercises for a Healthy Day!


Is today one of those days when you don't feel like doing anything or even get out of bed and work out? If you feel like you don't have it in you to hit the gym or go about your full workout routine, it would be best to avoid your usual extensive exercises.

If you do extensive exercises when your body and mind are not ready for it, you might end up hurting yourself badly.

Don't worry! Even if you are too tired to do a complete workout, we can still keep up with your physical health with these five simple exercises and carry on with a healthy day-

1. Yoga

When you are not in the mood to get on with extensive exercise, you can maintain your physical fitness routine by doing easy yoga exercises. It will not only warm you up for your day but also relax your tensed and tiring body and brightens your mood as well. The studies prove that doing Yoga for about 25 minutes a day boosts the functionality of your body and makes you feel energized the whole day. 

2. Light Weight Lifting

One of the simplest exercises, when you don't feel like working out, is lightweight lifting. If you don't want to miss a day of exercise to keep your core strong, you can do weight lifting but choose light weights than you usually live. Do not give stress to your already tired body. However, while doing lightweight lifts, if you feel like your energy is going up, you may go for your regular weight lifting routine. 

3. Go for a Jog or Walk

Jogging and fast pace walking are the most common and conventional methods to keep up with physical fitness. When you want to give yourself some relief and rest from your regular workout routine, you must go out for morning jogs or take fast walks in parks or around your house. Breathe the fresh air and lighten your mood by spending some time in nature, out of the house's four walls, which makes you feel tired and lazy. 

4. Dance/Zumba

Nobody is too tired not to dance or move around along with their favorite music, even on tiring days. Therefore, the best, easiest, and most enjoyable exercise is dance. You can either take up with Zumba online or on TV, or maybe follow your dancing routine if you have any. Dancing movements lighten your mood, boost dopamine, and make your feel happy, all while getting that sweat out. 

5. Pilates

The last exercise in the list of simple exercises for a tired body is Pilates. As it requires you to lay down on your back, it is one of the best workouts to do on tiring days. Pilates consists of controlled breathing techniques which help in relaxation and stress release.