Top 7 Fitness Influencers: Your Guide To Health And Wellness In A Busy World

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Top 7 Fitness Influencers: Your Guide To Health And Wellness In A Busy World


Fitness is not easy to achieve, especially when you are short of time and the day ahead is hectic. So, the best way to stay fit is to follow fitness influencers who not only guide their followers on what to eat but also on how to make the most out of their tight schedules to maintain good health. 

Here are the top 7 fitness influencers that are a must-follow; let us discover them all.

Kayla Itsines
Subscribers: 15.6m 

  • She motivates her subscribers through a personal training app that encourages them with fitness challenges.
  • Her unique and enjoyable workout ideas are interesting and easy to follow.
  • She shares her real-life experiences, including what to eat, motivating her viewers to stay fit by following her diet regimen.

Simeon Panda
Subscribers: 8.2m 

  • With his drool-worthy muscles, abs, and well-toned physique, you will surely follow him to become fit.
  • He shares secrets to bulk up muscles through his routine workout videos and fun activities, including easy workouts from his own life.
  •  If you are looking for a bodybuilder role model, he is the one to follow.

Fit Tuber
Subscribers: 6.94M

  • With his fit physique and guy-next-door image, everyone likes to listen to what he has to say about fitness, requiring confidence and maintaining good health.
  • His channel is full of authentic health facts, easy-to-follow fitness tips, healthy recipes, and workout videos.
  • His motivational talks inspire many to follow him and incorporate his advice into their fitness routines.
  • Product reviews, reaction videos, insights into superfoods, detoxification through natural food choices, and weight loss products are also featured.
  • His engaging style and informative videos captivate his audience, helping them achieve an effortless, active, and fit lifestyle.

Rohit Khatri Fitness
Subscribers: 4.95M

  • A passionate sports, nutritionist, fitness, and science enthusiast shares his immense knowledge and experience with his followers.
  •  He might not be a hunk with 6-pack abs, but he is still in pretty good shape.
  • His inspiring transformational vlogs are enough to keep his subscribers hooked.
  • Diet plans, workout tutorials, health tips, and valuable information on food and nutrition are what make him popular to be followed for fitness goals.
  • Unboxing videos, fitness product reviews, and information about his fitness journey are inspirational.

Kelsey Wells
Subscribers: 3m 

  • She is a stunner and a great motivator for her followers.
  • Raising health and well-being awareness with amazing fitness facts included.
  • Her healthy recipes, which are a delectable delight to the taste buds, and her real-life account of her fitness journey are inspirational to her followers.
  • Her teachings on low-impact exercises help pave the way to a fit body.

Alexia Clark
Subscribers: 2.3m Followers

  • Self-declared as the "Queen of Workouts," she shares her personal online fitness program.
  • Her workout videos and the right means of exercising make it worth following her.
  • Her real-life updates, fitness journey, engaging presentation of workout routines, fitness quotes, and much more can be seen on her account.

Dylan Werner
Subscribers: 840k followers

  • An LA-based yoga teacher who is better known and became viral for his incredible stretches and yoga poses.
  • He hosts numerous yoga workshops, aiming to enhance body strength and endurance.
  • Teaching mindfulness and helping people improve mental health is his fitness mantra.
  • You will love to follow him for his incredible yoga poses, and his workshops are also open for yoga newbies.