Your Ideal Weekend Skincare Regime

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Your Ideal Weekend Skincare Regime

Your Ideal Weekend Skincare Regime

Your Ideal Weekend Skincare Regime

In your regular busy schedule, it is really getting impossible sometimes to find time for your skin care. After a tiring day, you won’t feel like going for a simple scrubbing. That’s why, weekends are best to treat your skin, give time to it and get rid of all skin debris.

Usually, a skincare treatment at a salon is really soothing where you just need to lie down and relax. But, you also can’t forget about the expensive packages that the salons offer. Besides, many of you prefer to use home remedies to treat your skin.

So, if you are waiting for this weekend to maintain a skin care regime, there are certain essential tips to follow-

1. Cleanse Your Skin

This is the first thing you need to do while it is about skin care on holidays. Throughout the week, your skin faces too much dirt and pollution. You may use facewash every day, but that is not enough to clean your face. You need deep cleansing. You can buy a branded cleanser for the purpose; or if you prefer home remedies, you can use slices of tomatoes or lemons for deep cleansing. They are more effective and affordable.

2. Don’t Forget to Scrub It

After cleansing your face, you need to scrub it well. Buy a scrubber that suits your skin type. Usually, walnut and apricot scrub is good for every type of skin. Scrubbing can help you to stay away from blackheads, whiteheads, acne, pimples and lots of other skin issues.

On winter days, you should go for scrubbing, at least twice a week; else you can do it on alternate weeks. If you don’t have other ingredients at home, you will surely find lemon and sugar at your kitchen. These two ingredients make one of the best scrubbers that give you deep cleansing.

3. Treat the Skin under Your Eyes

The skin under your eyes is very sensitive. If you don’t take good care of that area, you may get dark circles, crow’s feet, and untimely wrinkles. So, it is best to use an under eye cream every day at night, before going to sleep. And on weekends, you can take special care. Don’t use scrubber at this area, rather, you can slice cucumber or potato and put them on closed eyes and relax. You can also use tea bags for the same thing. Thus, the area will get cleaned and rejuvenated.

4. Have a Body Pack

Taking care of skin doesn’t only means to take care of your face, but is also about your entire body. How about a body pack? You can prepare it at home with simple ingredients. A coffee pack is excellent to deep cleanse your body and revitalize your skin cells. Mix coffee powder with honey and apply on your face and body. This pack is full of anti-oxidants that will rejuvenate your skin and the anti-inflammatory benefits will soothe your sunburnt skin. Honey also provides a deep moisturizing effect.

5. Take Care of Your Scalp

Besides your face and body, your scalp also goes through lots of upheavals throughout the week. As a result, you get a greasy scalp that not only damages your hair but also your facial skin. Go for hot oil massage on weekend’s night and cover your head with a towel, soaked in warm water. Shampoo on the next morning and use conditioner. Thus, your scalp can be healthy and you can have beautiful hair and a clean face.

So, these are certain tips that you can follow on weekends to have great skin.

Weekends are just for relaxing. So, make your skin relax with these treatments and start a new week, afresh.