5 Little Non-money Reminders of Success

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5 Little Non-money Reminders of Success

5 Little Non-money Reminders of Success

5 Little Non-money Reminders of Success

So many of us often connect success to how they maintain their bank balance. But while we’re at the peak of our career in terms of earning, unjustifiable weight gain, drinking addiction and constant annoyance make home in our life too.

Here is a list of 5 little reminders of success one must check before their bank summary…

1. How relaxed and unhurried are you?

Develop a habit to take note of yourself while caught up in everyday chores like buying groceries, work out, or even watching TV. Are you often on your phone? Are your shoulders tensed and jaw clenched? Is there a clock in your mind that’s keeping you from appreciating the fresh vegetables or the breeze? Well, you need to switch off this unnecessary Speed Mode. Get late for the next place of you must, but go easy on yourself first. Breathe deep a few times, detach from whatever you’re doing, and get back to it with a sense of involvement.

2. Is Pleasure a priority for you?

“Guilty pleasure” may be a thing, but “Guilt in Pleasure” is not. If there’s something that makes you happy in the moment, like a staying in bed until 1 pm on a Sunday, or a non-negotiable vacation every year, or even a lazy coffee at a roadside cafe, then it must be pursued with full authority! How often and well you prioritize your own self defines how you demand that from the world.

3. How much fun do you let in?

We are all guilty of being in our favorite “pleasure settings” and not being in the moment. If we keep checking our office mail or even Facebook every 10 minutes during a fancy spa session on an expensive vacation, it certainly makes no sense. Just being at a place or in an act is not enough, we must also allow ourselves to feel the rush it brings us.

4. How many (and what all) Hobbies do you have?

This question may sound like a shallow question from some ‘About me’ section, but has its own depth. If you’ve been too busy to develop a hobby, or too ‘caught up’ to pursue one, then you’re yet to find yours. Visit all the places and points you must — cafe, park, badminton court, theater, NGOs, libraries — until you find your true calling. As a little cue, we’d tell you, there are people who love to socialize, so that’s a legit hobby.

5. How bright does future look to you?

No matter how one feels on the surface, the subconscious registers everything and answers back. If a fat pay cheque seems good enough for a new property you’ve always wanted to own, or the fancy car has ignited your desire to upgrade every year, you can still look through. If in your heart, you worry that you may not be as passionate or excited or fit as your plans need you to be, then you have your answer.

Come to think of it, every little stress is an indicator of an underlying fear, and every little success is a sign that you’ve overcome that fear — the choice isn’t very difficult. You could be immensely successful right now, if only you open your eyes to it.