7 Alternatives To Coffee For A Productive Morning Boost

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7 Alternatives To Coffee For A Productive Morning Boost

Lemon Tea

As it is said that too much of anything is bad, the same goes for consuming too much coffee. Your daily booster dose of coffee may not seem to give you the same kick as it used to. You might be immune to caffeine now, or even bored with its taste.

Whatever your reason, you can always make a switch. Beginning your day with a better alternative to coffee that will boost your productivity can indeed be a better idea. So, why not check out these 7 alternatives to coffee?

Matcha Tea

Extracted from the Camellia sinensis plant, Matcha tea owes its vibrant green color to the cultivation process, which involves shading the plant from direct exposure to sunlight. The oxidation process contributes to its bright green hue. Available in powder form, Matcha tea is whisked with either hot water or milk for preparation.

Caffeine content: 40 to 175 mg caffeine per cup

Chicory Coffee

Derived from the root of the Chicorium Intybus plant, chicory coffee is ground and used to prepare the beverage. Its dark brown color and nutty flavor come from the presence of inulin, making it less bitter than traditional coffee. You can choose not to add any sweetener. Additionally, its anti-inflammatory properties make it healthy for bowel and gut health.

Caffeine content: 0%

Black Tea

If you're not ready to switch to a completely different taste, try black tea, which has a similar taste to coffee. It's suitable for health-conscious individuals looking for an alternative with lower caffeine levels. Enjoy it iced or hot, depending on the weather and personal preference.


This fermented tea offers numerous health benefits, from providing necessary probiotics to improving digestion and maintaining gut health, to boosting immunity levels. These reasons are compelling enough to make the switch from traditional coffee to Kombucha.

Caffeine content: 15mg per serving


Another caffeine-free alternative, Schisandra is a purely herbal option made from red berries. Traditionally used as a medicinal herb in China, it acts as an adaptogen. Available in powdered form and as a supplement, choose whichever option suits you best.

Caffeine content: 0%

Caffeine Gum or Pills

If you're too busy to make an early morning booster or prefer to stay alert throughout the day without the energy crash, consider caffeine pills or gums. They're equally effective as a shot of coffee, providing the much-needed energy boost for the daily grind.

Caffeine content: Depends on the brand

Green Smoothie

Opt for a healthy alternative to coffee with a green smoothie containing ingredients like broccoli, peppers, and spinach leaves. You can also include celery, avocado, lime, baby spinach, and sprouts. Blend these with some water or ice cubes according to your preference.

Caffeine content: 0%