7 Celebrities Who Are Leaving No Monetary Inheritance To Their Children

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7 Celebrities Who Are Leaving No Monetary Inheritance To Their Children


Rich parents always leave their inheritance for their kids who then live a privileged life.

However, there are certain celebrities who are not willing to pass on their fortune to their kids with a strong belief that their kids should be able to grow up as normal kids knowing the importance of hard work and should be familiar on making the ends meet all by themselves.

Celebrities who say that children won’t inherit their fortune:

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis

The actor couple is also well-known venture capitalist and they are very well clear about not leaving their kids with their humongous fortune that is reportedly said to be around $370 million.

Shared on a podcast hosted by Dax Shepard:

"My kids are living a really privileged life, and they don’t even know it. And they’ll never know it because this is the only one that they’ll know. I’m not setting up a trust for them. We’ll end up giving our money away to charity and to various things”, said Ashton Kutcher.

Jackie Chan

This action superstar known to do his own stunts and made his way from Hong Kong film industry to Hollywood is choosing not to give his fortune away to his son, he declared it clearly in his interview in the year 2011:

"If he is capable, he can make his own money. If he is not, then he will just be wasting my money."

Bill Gates

The tech giant and a billionaire who once made it to the richest person on Earth list is a well-known philanthropist supporting numerous causes that help eradicate poverty, hunger and diseases, but when it comes to his fortune, he is quite clear that he would not be giving it away to his children:

"It’s not a favor to kids to have them have huge sums of wealth. It distorts anything they might do, creating their own path."

Gordon Ramsay

We all know this talented yet stern chef who is known not to mince his words and rather have a foul mouth roasting the cooks on the show. He openly expresses that his majority of fortune will not be inherited by his five kids, he shared it on Telegraph:

“It’s definitely not going to them, and that’s not in a mean way; it’s to not spoil them. The only thing I’ve agreed with Tana is they get a 25% deposit on a flat, but not the whole flat."

Simon Cowell

Well known judge and a TV producer, popular with The X Factor, America's Got Talent and American Idol, declared the fate of his fortune in the year 2013:

"I’m going to leave my money to somebody. A charity, probably — kids and dogs. I don’t believe in passing on from one generation to another."

He firmly believes that his legacy is all about helping people succeed rather than be wasted by his kids:

"Your legacy has to be that hopefully you gave enough people an opportunity, so that they could do well, and you gave them your time, taught them what you know.”

Sir Elton John

The world famous and most loved celebrity perhaps, popular icon for LGBTQA+ is highly inspired by Warren Buffett and so he revealed what is to be done with regards his inheritance that should be going to his two boys as per the inheritance norm:

"Of course I want to leave my boys in a very sound financial state. But it’s terrible to give kids a silver spoon. It ruins their life." He also added, "Anything beyond the basic, they have to go out and earn it themselves. If they want a Picasso, they have to go out and earn it. I think there’s real sensibility in that."


He has faced a lot of economic hardships and he plans on not giving his fortune to his kids to teach them the importance of hard-earned money.

"There won’t be much money left because we are spending it! We have a lot of commitments. What comes in we spend, and there isn’t much left." He further adds, "I certainly don’t want to leave them trust funds that are albatrosses round their necks. They have to work. All my kids know that, and they rarely ask me for anything, which I really respect and appreciate."