The Lady Dior Bag is Back in Fashion, and You Can Own it Too! Here's How

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The Lady Dior Bag is Back in Fashion, and You Can Own it Too! Here's How

Dior Bag

Ever since the new season of The Crown aired on Netflix, the popularity of the show skyrocketed and it has been one of the favorite of netizens all over the world.

Style critics across the world swear by the fashion sense and unique style Princess Diana had. It is all about the way she carried herself her eye-catchy, and sometimes progressive fashion choices, made her the 'people’s princess'.

Right now the classic accessory sported by her, back in the days, is the much stylish Lady Dior bag that is fondly named after the Princess of Wales.

The handbag was sported by her on numerous occasions including one of the most watched and popular event, the MET Gala of the year 1996, that is claimed to have gained her special affection for the same reason.

However, coming back to the series The Crown, the popularity gained overnight highlighting the most stylish accessory the Lady Dior bag that is highly in demand or rather back in demand by all fashion lovers.

About The Lady Dior Bag

Wondering what’s so special about this particular accessory and what is it all about, here are some stunning facts about The Lady Dior bag that are a must to know for any fashion lover:

  • Formerly known to be Chouchou by the Dior fashion house, it was later on made popular by Lady Di when she started carrying it on several occasions
  • The first time Princess Diana got it was in the year 1995 when she attended the opening of Paul Cézanne retrospective at the Grand Palais in Paris
  • Lady Di was gifted the iconic bag by the First Lady of France Madame Bernadette Chirac at the same occasion
  • Special request regarding the color of the bag to be in navy blue was made by her to match the color of her eyes

Lady Dior bag style and cost

  • The most stunning feature of the bag or rather eye-catchy one is the ornate rhinestone charms and the crystal hardware
  • The bag is available in three sizes and numerous colors
  • Crafted perfectly to match the luxury and fashion of the one who carries it is what makes it the most popular accessory and perhaps was a favorite of Lady Di
  • The cross-body version strap costs USD 5,600 (Rs 4.57 lakhs approximately)
  • The version similar to that of Princess Diana (slightly bigger one) original would cost USD 6,100 (Rs 4.98 lakhs approximately)
  • A mini version of the bag costs USD 5,300 (Rs 4.33 lakhs approximately)

So, if you are wondering how to possess this precious piece of fashion accessory then this statement bag is set to be available and up for sale by Dior.  The same item with a limited set of 200 units that is the Lady Dior bag can be secured at Dior stores by enthusiasts looking forward to get it, the price for fans is slashed at USD 5000 (Rs 4.08 lakhs approximately).

Disclaimer: Image used in the article is for representational purpose only and is not the actual image of the product mentioned in the article.