These 9 Luxury Watches Are Coming To The Market This Year

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These 9 Luxury Watches Are Coming To The Market This Year


The pandemic hit numerous sectors and this includes even the luxury sector. While many businesses came falling, a bounce back is seen in luxury watch segment. They are back with better design, amazing technology and their emotional appeal to those who love luxury watch brands.

Wealthy buyers prefer luxury time-pieces that they sometime view as a good investment and they like to spend more money on items that define their persona. So, let us see what is this entire buzz about in the fair held by Watches & Wonders that is said to have welcomed over 22,000 wealthy luxury watch visitors.

The fair is said to showcase amazing luxury watch brands. We bring to our readers, the 9 of the most striking luxury watches that you will be able see in the market this year:

  1. Patek Philippe Calatrava Reference 5226G

The most striking feature of this watch is that the design and objects on the watch are inspired by vintage like camera case. Those who are already obsessing over this brand, they will find it amusing that it is acquiring Nautilus reference 5711 that was earlier discontinued.

The classic, youthful appeal of Patek Philippe sports a refined case appeals the eye of the onlooker with the case that covers the circumference of the watch with studded guilloché pattern on the case band.

The dial is elegant charcoal gray that fades into black on the edges giving it an appeal of beauty with class and style; it features a texture that reminds one of vintage camera bodies. So, anyone who is already into vintage cameras will sure purchase this piece.

  1. Rolex Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master II

Many luxury watch collectors have been waiting for this timepiece to come out and now their wait is over. Rolex is something that is loved by all and why not because it is the biggest brand in Switzerland that is said to own 29% of share in the watch industry in the country.

The travel watch is designed with ceramic bezel in striking colors of green and black, but the designers repositioned the crown for left-handers this time.

It is one of a kind due to the fact that a classic brand such as Rolex decided to include 24-hour local time hand along with a rotating bezel; the configuration is such that the user would require temporal adjustment to the watch.

  1. Parmigiani Tonda PF Rattrapante GMT

The prime feature of this watch is that it allows the user to see the local time that is vital for those who are always traveling around a lot. Even though it hit low during the pandemic-era, but it bounced back with its new design and launch this year.

The latest version is the Voyageur GMT that is added to the brand for enhancing its reputation. It is easy to use watch that is made for travelers who can adjust the watch to the local time by a simple push of the button at 8 o’clock and adjust the local hour hand forward or back depending on where you are at and in which time zone.

The second gold hour hand is always indicating your root at home. Quite a majestic piece that reminds one of time travel watches full of mystery.

  1. Cartier Mysterious Masse

History in watch was made 100 years ago with the launch of Cartier mystery clocks. The mystery clock dates back to 1912 at the time when they revolutionized clock design with floating clock face. The latest design takes 8 years to complete with the ornate dial design that is eye catching.

The latest addition includes six layers of sapphire crystal that are designed to provide support to the hands and the central winding rotor; it also houses the shock-resistant movement that enables in winding the watch with the movement of the arm of the wearer.

The design in out of this world with the only conventional means left to display is telling time.

  1. Jaeger-LeCoultre Date Dazzling Star

You will be fascinated to look at how the Dazzling star  is triggered by a mere movement of the wrist of the wearer, the shooting star on the dial within the watch is the biggest attraction that the brand offers.

The precision with which this watch is made will indeed have many looking at it without blinking their eyes; it is one of its kind mechanical innovations that capture the romance of shooting stars.

Wondering how it works, well the watchmakers used the kinetic power that comes as a result of movement of the wrist of the wearer; the star shoots across the dial’s aventurine sky at arbitrary times of the day.

Rest of the mechanics of the watch is a secret that the keepers would not like to share. However, you will love it for its sheer magic and the luxury it exudes at the same time.

  1. Vacheron Constantin Historic 222

The sporty chic trend of 1972 is once more recalled when one looks at this latest design by Vacheron. The immortal design of sport chic watch back in yesteryears is still strikingly appealing to the watch connoisseurs; octagonal Royal Oak design in line with the disco-glitz jet. Vacheron Constantin integrated a geometric bracelet design that is entirely set in sumptuous gold with the 222 marking their 222nd anniversary.

  1. A. Lange & Söhne Odysseus Titanium

As you can guess by the name itself that the watch contain lightweight titanium that makes the timepiece strong and sturdy enough. The watch is said to bring back the charm of the 70’s by giving it a new approach through the integration of sports-luxury genre.

Now if you are wondering why include a metal like titanium that is strong yet seems heavy for a watch then you are wrong, the appeal of a precious metal like titanium incorporated within the watch design is indeed one of the lightest on its part.

Titanium is lighter than steel and of course more sturdy than ever with a 6 rating on Mohs hardness scale next to Diamond that scored 10 while steel only scored  a 4 on the same scale. Additionally, you will love the watch for its glacier blue dial and soft arcs that makes it more appealing in design that sticks to its name with consistency to Lange’s Ulysse scope.

  1. IWC Pilot’s Watch Chronograph TOP GUN Edition “Lake Tahoe”

The design of the watch is said to be inspired by the Lake Tahoe, the appeal lie in its snow-capped mountains that the luxury watchmaker maintains. This year they are in collaboration with the US Navy Fighter Instructor School that came into fame by the movie ‘Top Gun’.

You will love the visual appeal of IWC’s introduction to the frosted white ceramic case in its latest design, registered by Pantone, the inclusion of snow-capped mountains serve as a reminder to the Nevada School’s trainee pilots fly over.

However, if you are wondering whether it is the Maverick that the fans of Top Gun should refer the design to, then they should know the design tips in favor of Iceman for sure.

  1. Bulgari Octo Finissimo Ultra

You will be baffled at what the Bulgari watch makers included in their watch that is beyond what one can say a watch that tells time only. For years we have been wondering how a watchmaker can up their game in the luxury watch industry then here it is. The design is inclusive of a laser-etched QR code transporting the wearer to a unique NFT version of the accessory.

The revival of classic design always a favorite of the Hollywood classic beauty Elizabeth Taylor, now the brand introduces 110-facet Octo as a modern classic.

The brand is said to break eight amazing world records for its thinness, it is recorded to be the thinnest wristwatch in Piaget’s history, shrinking things an extra 0.2 millimeters to a diaphanous 1.8 millimeters (0.07 inches).

The case serves the base plate complete with flush-set hands including laser-etched QR code within the winding barrel; this sure is your entry to the unique world of NFT.