Ways To Safely Clean Your Dirty TV Screen

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Ways To Safely Clean Your Dirty TV Screen


Owning a television set brings with it the responsibility to maintain it sparkly clean as you are always looking at it and it should be shining. No matter what kind of TV you own, it is the cleaning ritual that you should be following to remove smudges from it.

Even after using microfiber cloth and using a spray you may not be easily able to achieve a clean view on the TV. However, there are ways that can help you with removing finger smudges and small speck of dirt accumulated on the surface.

Following a few simple tips will help you achieve a shiny surface on your TV. Let us find out all about it.

Cleaning your flat-screen plasma, LED, LCD, and OLED TVs

LED is definitely the best choice you ever made, but it is rather delicate to maintain it and to keep it clean. You can never use a wet cloth that you traditionally use in cleaning surfaces.

No matter what company TV set you are using, you need to protect it from dust accumulation and from external damage. So here are a few tips that you can apply:

  • Cleaning accessories- Microfiber cloth, pre-moistened wipe or a duster that is electrostatic.
  • Begin with using a dry cloth to wipe of initial dust; Use the duster or the cloth for cleaning the surface with the pre-moistened wipe for a spotless surface cleaning. Using the microfiber cloth you can wipe the vents and back side of the TV set to catch the dust.

Cleaning your TV streaks

Streak free TV is hard to maintain and so the trick here is to leave the pre-treated cloths out for dusting purpose. Oily finishes are not what you would want as the surface is prone to accumulation of dust and deposits on the screen of the TV set, so, here’s what you can do:

  • Cleaning accessories- You will need a microfiber cloth or you can use a duster for this purpose.
  • First begin by wiping in vertical or horizontal direction and then the opposite to it that should be able to cover all the streaks. If required you can turn the cloth to be able to pick up the dust.
  • Remember to turn the screen off so that you can easily see the streaks and remove these while cleaning.

Cleaning Tube televisions

The easiest cleaning ritual is with cleaning glass tube TV sets, here is what you can do:

  • Cleaning accessories- You need window spray and microfiber cloth.
  • Begin by wiping the surface with a damp cleaning cloth; use the window spray to dampen it.
  • Never spray directly on the screen as it can damage the TV set and the cabinet.

Easy tips for keeping your TV set clean

  • Dialing dry dusting is a must if you do not want the dust to deposit on the TV screen.
  • Having a weekly cleaning ritual for cleaning fingerprints and dust film deposit is required using microfiber cloth.
  • Avoid directly spraying the TV set as it can damage the screen and even the tube. Excess spray is damaging to the entire set as the spray may get into the TV components.
  • Using soft dusting brush of your vacuum with a setting of low suction is good for removing any dust from the vents, cable connections or even ports.
  • Avoid products that contain acetone, alcohol or ammonia as it is potentially damaging to the screen of your TV set.

These tips may be simple, yet effective in maintaining a dust and grime free TV screen and surface of your television. Maintain a ritual for cleaning your set and you will see how sparkly clean it will always be.