Beer Blunders: A Frothy Tale Of Five Common Mistakes

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Beer Blunders: A Frothy Tale Of Five Common Mistakes

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Beer is a fun way to enjoy your drinks without getting too tipsy, and it’s something that can be enjoyed even on weekdays without the stress of a hangover.

However, even when people say they enjoy beer, they are not always well-educated to purchase the right kind or store it properly, which not only robs you of the fun taste but also impacts the quality of beer. So, what are the top five mistakes that people make when buying beer?

Ignoring the Brewing Process

Not being educated on the brewing process affects the taste, depth, and variety of beers available to tantalize your taste buds. Without knowing about the brewing process, you won't be able to identify what you would truly enjoy.

  • The prime components of beer include yeast, malt, water, and hops. Anything else is known as an adjunct.
  • Adjuncts like rice can lower the cost of beer production on a larger scale.
  • Yeast adds distinct flavor to beer.
  • Ales and lagers are two types of beer based on the strains of yeast used in fermentation.
  • Ales, favored by most homebrewers, require less temperature control and time compared to lagers, which need longer fermentation and colder temperatures.

Storing Mistakes

If you think you can store beer like any other beverage, you're mistaken. There are rules for storing beer:

  • Storing beer in a fridge is best.
  • Beer can be damaged by UV rays, affecting its flavor, so cans are a better option for longer shelf life.
  • Dark bottled beer is preferable for those buying bottled beer; darker beers are often of higher quality.

Packaging vs. Tasting

Purchasing based on packaging alone is a mistake. Your taste buds are the most reliable source for determining what's best for you. Sampling a beer before purchasing, especially in bulk, is advisable.

Ignoring the Expiration Date

Thinking beer cannot expire is wrong. It's essential to check the expiration date before purchasing to avoid buying expired beer.

Purchasing Expensive Craft Beers

Buying beer solely because of its recent release or because it's marketed as a limited edition is another mistake. Researching prices before purchasing is wise, and checking the ABV (alcohol by volume) is crucial in deciding which beer to buy.

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