By changing the colour of Wine, they are looking for a Blue Rebellion

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By changing the colour of Wine, they are looking for a Blue Rebellion

By changing the colour of Wine, they are looking for a Blue Rebellion
By changing the colour of Wine, they are looking for a Blue Rebellion
Image Credit: GIK LIVE!

Wine is synonymous with celebration, something that marks joy and festivity. Before going to the actual part of our discussion, it would be appropriate to look at the history of wine; we shall find that the tradition to celebrate with wine has been inherited from the practices prevalent in the period around 6000 B.C.

The earliest archaeological evidence of wine production has been found from several sites at Iran, Greece and Armenia. There has also been historical evidence that in ancient Egypt, wine was an important part of ceremonial life.

From the beginning of time till the present, we have believed that wines are of just two types- Red and White (all so because this is what the history has taught us). But some people are born to create new history and they are called rebels.

The same can be said about a group of young Spaniards who have finally changed the world order, taken up a rebellion. They have proudly proclaimed a new era, when their brainchild, GIK –LIVE is here. ‘GIK LIVE’, the world’s first blue wine, promises to offer us a new taste, a new creation, an inspiration!

As reported, it has taken two years to make Blue wine; and it is the result of a joint collaboration between the University of the Basque Country and Azti Tecnalia, the food research department of the Basque Government, along with six young, brave entrepreneurs. At first, a base wine had been created from red and white grapes. Thereafter, in order to revolutionise the colour, they had added anthocyanin and indigo pigments to turn it blue.

But the question here is that is GIK LIVE’s revolution only limited to its colour or is there something else to it too? The simple and straight forward answer is no; it is not to transmute the taste.

Here you may ask me some questions, such as what is the purpose of making this wine, why it is so significant and finally, what is the impetus backing me to write this. If you are aware enough about winemaking, you would know that till date the world has been conservative, traditional and strict minded regarding wine making.

On the other hand, the creators of GIK LIVE were determined to go beyond the established way of wine making and this is why they opted for the colour. They have said that in psychology, blue as a colour represents movement, innovation and infinity and is frequently associated with flow and change.

So the creators have said that those who would choose to drink this wine will become psychologically open towards enjoying new experiences.  It is an initiative to challenge the existing foundation through colour.

‘Try to forget everything you know about wine,’ says the Gïk team in its marketing material.

Who knows they may be successful in this endeavour, in years to come.

Disclaimer: does not advocate drinking alcohol.

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