Eight Life-Hotspots To Keep Yourself Motivated

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Eight Life-Hotspots To Keep Yourself Motivated

Eight Life-Hotspots To Keep Yourself Motivated

Eight Life-Hotspots To Keep Yourself Motivated

Most people in today’s age live life in the fast track and this requires time management. It is thus essential to identify the hotspots in our lives which can work as “Categories” that need to be managed for a skilled living.

To lead a productive life in the long run, it is important to select the hotspots which are the most important in our lives and we should invest our time and energy in it. We have to set our goals and motivate ourselves to follow them.

There are several aspects of our lives which need to be nurtured and cared for in the long run, such as our mental, physical, spiritual, emotional and social wellbeing, to name just a few. If these aspects are systematically categorized as hotspots, they can help keep us motivated.

1. The Mind:

It is important to spend time in keeping ourselves mentally sharp and focused. Reading, working out puzzles such as crosswords or Sudoku, keeping in touch with the news are some of the ways we can stay mentally active.

2. The Body:

In our fast paced lives we do tend to neglect our body. Healthy eating habits, regular exercise and sufficient time for rest and sleep should be inculcated from a young age. We must allocate time daily, to look after our body.

3. Emotions:

Emotional wellbeing is an important aspect of a healthy lifestyle. To achieve this we have to learn how to keep our emotions in check and also to be emotionally intelligent. This also includes the importance of being happy and feeling good and surrounding ourselves with positive energies.

4. Relationships:

We should set aside time to nurture our relationships. At times people become so focused on career or other things that they don’t invest time to spend with the people in their lives. Our family and friends are the support system in our lives. We should make it a point to set aside time every day for them.

5. Career:

A major part of our day and our life is allocated to our career or profession. We invest a major chunk our time in our jobs. Using proper time management techniques we could complete our assignments and projects within the stipulated time. Stay away from negative forces, which try to pull you down. It’s important to enjoy your work for better output.

6. Finance:

This hotspot is related to our career. We work hard for monetary gains. While a lot of our finances are used for our daily lives and our family, proper investments should insure a comfortable future and old age. Some people who invest well are able to retire early (in midlife) and then follow their dreams.

7. Entertainment:

In our fast paced lives, it is essential to invest time in unwinding with family, friends or by yourselves. This de-stresses the mind and the body and also makes you invest time in your relationships. Family outings, listening to music, dance, exercise or an evening out with friends are different ways to unwind after a grueling day at work.

8. Spirituality:

Some time in the day should be set aside for communicating with the Supreme power. Meditation, prayers and reading spiritual literature will help calm the mind and soul and energize us to face the day.

It is best to note down our hotspots and set time limits and goals. We should not let failure get us bogged down, but use the learning from that failure to motivate ourselves towards taking small corrective steps leading to greater achievements.