Evolving Lifestyles Of 2023: From Shared Living To Mindful Existence

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Evolving Lifestyles Of 2023: From Shared Living To Mindful Existence


The feeling of belongingness drives us to such an extent that we often find ourselves adapting to certain trends and lifestyles we see in our social media feeds, whether on Instagram or Facebook.

In this era, when Gen Z and Millennials are keen on following influencers and embracing whatever they promote online, there are some hot trends in 2023 that are profoundly influencing people's lifestyles. Find out why and how.

Shared Living

Sharing a living space has always been a practice, but recently, with real estate prices and rents skyrocketing, the trend has become particularly popular among those seeking decent accommodation who prefer to co-live with like-minded individuals.

This approach serves a dual purpose: shared rent and the benefit of companionship that not only provides company but also creates a congenial living environment. Through the formation of social connections that evolve into meaningful relationships, co-living is challenging the norms of traditional living. Shared houses, apartments, and even micro-apartments are quickly gaining traction.

Sustainable Lifestyle

People are rapidly adopting the trend of minimalism, avoiding the urge to hoard unnecessary items or hold onto things longer than needed. This movement emphasizes simplifying life, decluttering both living spaces and the mind, and retaining only what truly holds value.

By cutting down on material possessions, many are reducing their living costs, making this approach a significant aspect of a sustainable lifestyle.

Furthermore, there's a noticeable shift towards purchasing from brands that offer sustainable fashion, emphasizing high quality while reducing waste. As a result, the fashion industry is evolving to cater to this demand, providing sustainable options for its consumers.


The DIY trend has taken the world by storm, with its popularity surging in 2023, especially in the realm of home makeovers and apartment refurbishments.

People are not only following influencers but also teaming up and collaborating with DIY trendsetters. Opting for DIY approaches often saves on project costs, and adapting to online trends seems increasingly appealing. Whether it's installing built-in wardrobes, sprucing up fireplaces, or crafting kitchen islands, these projects are trending in the lifestyle domain.

Readily available DIY kits and self-driven home projects are on the rise. With the latest trends, how-to videos, and collaborations with influencers, many are even building their own brand image online. It's a burgeoning market, indeed.


Stop to smell the roses, take a deep breath, and center yourself in the present moment.

The growing trend of mindfulness, which has been gaining traction for some time now, emphasizes de-stressing both the mind and body.

The demands of a busy lifestyle, coupled with limited time for relaxation and self-care, are taking a significant toll on mental health, leading to various issues. To foster compassion for oneself and others, it's essential to engage in practices like yoga, meditation for self-exploration, deep conscious breathing, and even journaling – all of which are part of the mindfulness lifestyle trend.